Rockstar Says It Will Add More Solo Content Like The Caya Perico Heist To GTA Online

GTA Online continues to remain relevant and, if its latest Cayo Perico Heist DLC is anything to go by, it keep adding content for all kinds of players. Rockstar confirmed that more solo content is on the way.

Rockstar’s Director of Design Production Tarek Hamad and Design Director Scott Butchar confirmed as much during a recent interview with GQ. They go into how GTA Online is fit for more single-player elements going forward, and how they intend to release that content following Cayo Perico’s success. For years we have been waiting for a new solo story-driven DLC that sadly never materialized. Could it finally be on the way?

We know that Rockstar wanted to continue the three main protagonists’ stories – and who doesn’t want to hear from Michael, Franklin, and Trevor? Apparently, that content was re-purposed in the Doomsday Heists. This new solo content won’t come for free, players will still need to fork out funds to enjoy it. That shouldn’t be a problem if 2020’s numbers are anything to go by, with many buying loot boxes and other in-game content.

Meanwhile, The Cayo Perico Heist is the biggest DLC released so far in the history of GTA: Online. It can be completed solo or with a team, another first. Giving players more options on how to play online in a game that most would consider an MMO can only be a good thing for Rockstar’s bottom line.

Solo play in these DLC’s such as sell and sourcing missions still requires you to go into public lobbies, something most are not keen on doing. Clever gamers did figure out a way to get around that issue, but official single-player content makes it a lot easier. GTA Online will be going solo itself in 2021 on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, and GTA 5 will be ported onto the two newest consoles as well.

Rockstar has made it clear that the hype for GTA: Online and GTA V is still going strong While no date for new solo content has been announced, players will still keep enjoying it for a long while to come.

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