Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song – Event Rank, Explained

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One of the recurring mechanics in the Romancing SaGa series is Event Rank, an incomprehensible and complex feature that helps give the games their identity. Thanks to Event Rank, you cannot grind against random enemies, you might fail quests without even realizing it, and putting off the inevitable end of the game is an effort in futility.

In Minstrel Song, Event Rank increases based on the number of battles you fight and the strength of the enemies you're up against. Understanding how Event Rank works will be important if you want a smooth journey through the game.

What Is Event Rank?

A simple explanation of Event Rank is to say that it's a loose guide for how far along in the game you are. When you begin the game, you start on Event Rank 0, meaning that you've done precisely nothing.

Event Rank increases with the number of battles you fight. This means that if you play Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song like a traditional RPG, you'll quickly find your Event Rank higher than it should be, and despite your increased stats, you won't have earned the money and jewels to purchase any of the better equipment that you require to take on higher-level quests.

The tougher the foes, the more 'points' they contribute to your Event Rank score.

This is important as not only does a higher Event Rank let you take on higher-level quests, but it will also stop you from completing lower-level quests. Many quests in this game have a minimum and maximum Event Rank span in which they can be started and completed. It's possible to start a quest and then raise your Event Rank so high that you automatically fail it.

To see what your current Event Rank is, open the menu. There is a clock in the bottom-right with 22 dots on it, and you start with the hand pointed at the top. This is Event Rank 0, and for every rank you gain, it will move one node clockwise and light up the new node. Eventually, it will come right back to the top again at Event Rank 22.

When you start the game, you'll be able to choose between two rates of Event Rank progression, Normal and Slow. Slow will let you complete more battles before your Event Rank increases, functionally making the game easier. Once you beat the game once and get into New Game Plus, you can choose between Faster and Slower progression rates, too.

How To Avoid Increasing Event Rank

As the world is filled with monsters and increasing your Event Rank has serious, detrimental effects, you'll want to avoid as many battles as possible.

  • Every type of monster has its own movement style when they notice you. Learn these and you'll have a good idea of how to avoid them.
  • You'll start the battle with a Smoke Bomb Bag. Equip this and you'll be able to retreat from a number of battles with no drawbacks. This can be refilled at Inns, with some Inns letting you stash more bombs.
  • Retreating from a battle costs one LP for the person who initiates the retreat, and this isn't a high cost – LP are easily recovered. Vary up your retreaters to conserve LP if required.
  • Some Proficiencies let you avoid battles easily: Move Silently and Lurk. Try to have one of these equipped at all times. To use them, just stand still for a few moments.
  • Playing at high speeds in the Remaster makes it harder to avoid enemies. In dangerous locations, turn the speed down.

Quests That Expire Early

There are a handful of quests that a completionist will want to take care of as soon as possible, without taking on any random battles if they can help it. These are detailed in the table below:


Start Location



Unsettling Settlements


To unlock Yassi, you must talk to a woman in Weston. Unlocking Weston involves Barbara and taking the north exit from New Road.

Start this quest by talking to a women standing in the central platform in Yassi.

Event Rank 3

This quest involves a quick dungeon delve. A different NPC in Yassi will you where to go once you accept the quest.

Innkeeper's Daughter


To unlock Melvir, you either have to recruit Gray or Claudia, or take the ferry from Oapu.

There are two inns in Melvir – to start this quest, go to the inn on the lower level.

Event Rank 5

Be sure to start these quests at the same time. If you save the innkeeper's daughter without knowing who she is or that she's lost, you won't get the reward.

When the emperor offers you a reward, your choice dictates what you get. You can either get a Silver Fleuret, some Chain Mail, or 2,000 gold.

A Suspicious Demise


To unlock Melvir, you either have to recruit Gray or Claudia, or take the ferry from Oapu.

To start this quest, head to the police station on the lower level in the center of the city.

Event Rank 5

Wuhan's Secret

South Estamir

To unlock South Estamir, either recruit Jamil or Barbara (who you should always recruit at least once for all the locations she unlocks) or take the ferry from North Estamir.

Start the quest by talking to the bartender in the South Estamir bar.

Event Rank 6

You'll take on this quest automatically as part of Jamil's quest if he's your main character.

Raid on the Depository


To unlock Aurefont, you either recruit Gray or Claudia, or talk to an NPC in Bruelle, which is unlocked via a ferry from Mirsaburg, Yeoville, or North Estamir.

Once you've reached Event Rank 3, go to Aurefont. When it looks abandoned, talk to the man in the middle of town to learn what happened. You may have to leave and return a few times to trigger the quest.

Event Rank 6

You can only start this quest once you reach Event Rank 3, so this has a very short time span.

Pride of the Knights


Unlocking Eugenstadt involves either recruiting Sif or talking to an NPC in Mirsaburg, which itself is unlocked by taking a ferry from Bruelle or Yeoville.

Head to the castle to start this quest.

Event Rank 8

You can only start this quest once you reach Event Rank 3 unless you encounter the start of the quest during either Albert or Sif's introductory quests.

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