Rumor: An Outer Worlds Sequel Is In Pre-Production

According to a new rumor, The Outer Worlds is getting a sequel – and it’s already in pre-production.

In a recent tweet, Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst for Niko Partners, teased the development of a new Outer Worlds game in response to the game’s impending release on Steam.

The Outer Worlds was released in October of last year by Obsidian Entertainment. It’s a science fiction action RPG set in the distant future on the Halcyon colony, a human outpost in the furthest reaches of space. The game instantly gained traction, racking up awards and high ratings from multiple gaming news outlets, as well as rave reviews from players, and a nomination for Game of the Year through The Game Awards.

Though Ahmad didn’t provide many details about a possible sequel, it is nice to know that a new entry is being explored. However, fans should keep in mind that the new game is not set in stone.

This news does not come as a complete surprise. Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Studios, hinted at it during an interview with Game Informer last year, stating that Xbox wanted to make The Outer Worlds a lasting series. He then went on to label it as “an enduring franchise” and hinted at an Xbox-exclusive sequel in the works.

The game has seen a port to the Nintendo Switch and will be released on Steam on October 23, so has been reaching new audiences and gaining momentum. With frequent expansions, such as the recent Peril on Gorgon expansion, and planned DLC, there always seems to be something new.

There have been dissenting opinions, however. Some fans aren’t excited about being limited to one console for the series, instead requesting patches and fixes for other ports, particularly the Switch version, which still has some known issues. There are also calls that Obsidian is splitting its focus in too many directions, citing work being done on its other popular titles, such as Grounded and Avowed.

On the whole, though, the community seems excited about the prospect of further developments in the series. Hopefully we’ll receive an official announcement and more details soon.

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