Rumor: Netflix Considering Legend Of Zelda Project With Tom Holland As Link

The rumors about a Legend of Zelda Netflix project are gaining steam with whisperings about Tom Holland coming on as the hero of time.

There have been rumors swirling around about a Legend of Zelda creation coming to Netflix, but those rumors haven’t been the most substantial. The only consistent factors from this product of the rumor mill is Netflix and Legend of Zelda; no word on whether it’s a film or a series, if it’s any further in to production than the spit ball phase, and don’t even bother wondering about a release date. Now, the latest bit of gossip includes the name drop of a potential leading man who has plenty of on-screen experience playing the hero. Tom Holland, Spidey himself, is allegedly Netflix’s top choice for Link.

Tom Holland has made a huge name for himself through his Marvel work—both as the loveable, goofy high school hero and the loveable, goofy spoiler machine we got to know on press tours. There’s no word on if he and Netflix are in talks, or if Netflix has actually even approached him, but Holland has worked with the streaming service very recently in his latest film, The Devil All the Time. With Holland an official member of the Netflix family now, maybe it wouldn’t be too unlikely to see him pick up the Master Sword. Nintendo announced that a Super Mario movie will be coming in 2022 with more media projects in the works, so odds are we’ll see more rumors over the next few years and hopefully some substantiated news.

Nintendo has a bit of a rocky history of when it comes to adapting their games into film and TV. The 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie will live forever in infamy. Bringing such a beloved franchise to life will not be an easy thing to do, no matter what they do (if they actually do anything) someone will be up in arms. There’s the question of casting, of course, but also whether this story will be ripped straight from a classic title or something original for the screen. Plus, Link has been silent for 35 years, apart from his battle cries, so this will be a huge risk no matter who is cast. Holland’s got the acting chops, the athleticism, and he’s sure to look good in green, but can he pull off the strong silent type?

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