Rumored Silent Hill 2 Remake Might Have More Than One Part

It's been rumored for a while now that a remake of Silent Hill 2 is in development, with The Medium and Layers Of Fear developer Bloober Team apparently behind it. While that hasn't been confirmed, leaked images from a Bloober Team internal pitch demo of what appeared to be Silent Hill 2 made the rounds on social media not too long ago, while Bloober CEO Piotr Babieno recently refused to either confirm or deny rumors that his team is working on a remake.

Now some more evidence has surfaced suggesting that a Silent Hill 2 Remake announcement is imminent, as a popular horror YouTuber known as SHN Survival Horror Network has revealed their recent test stream of Silent Hill 2 was monetized by Konami for apparently featuring copyrighted content called "Silent Hill 2: Part 1." SHN Survival Horror Network claims that the portion of the stream that was copyright claimed was when they were idle in the game's menu and the opening cinematic played.

While this confirms very little, it does bring up a few interesting possibilities. For starters, it's possible that Bloober Team may be taking a page out of Square Enix's book and chopping up the Silent Hill 2 Remake into multiple parts. If that's the case, Bloober would also likely add new story beats or environments to pad out the run time, especially when you consider that the original Silent Hill 2 isn't the longest game in the world.

There's also a much more boring explanation. Konami currently has a Silent Hill showcase scheduled to take place tomorrow and could possibly have already uploaded the YouTube video it plans to show off, but has it set to private. It's possible this video could be the first part of Konami's plans to market the Silent Hill 2 remake and the copyright strike is due to SHN Survival Horror Network's stream and Konami's video matching. Either way, we only have to wait another day to find out.

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