RuneScape’s 20th Anniversary Fun Continues With The Celebration Of Skilling And Once Upon A Time Miniquest

Another week, another celebration in RuneScape. This time Jagex is holding the Celebration of Skilling event, giving you a 50% XP boost for all gathering skills. If you’d rather jump into some questing, today also marks the start of the Once Upon A Time year-long miniquest.

Grinding towards a skillcape can be a long slog, but things are a bit easier this week during the Celebration of Skilling. Here are the seven gathering skills that will see an XP buff during the event:

  • Archaeology
  • Divination
  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Hunting
  • Woodcutting

A few restrictions apply to festivities – Iron players won’t see the buff, and it won’t apply to animals on your Player Owned Farm or while taking part in Archaeology’s restoration activity.

You’ll also find a skilling rift in the Lumbridge Crater, offering both Summoning and RuneCrafting XP.

Once Upon A Time: Foreshadowing is also available, letting you start a year-long quest that will take a look at the past, present, and future of RuneScape. To get started, head down to the Blue Moon Inn. From there, talk to Relomia to get started. Rewards for the quest include the “extra-fabulous Party Hat override and a prismatic lamp – and of course, completing Foreshadowing will ensure you’re ready when the next miniquest in the series comes along.”

“In Once Upon A Time: Foreshadowing, players will meet both allies and antagonists who will establish the story’s themes and plot,” said Jagex. “Players will encounter Relomia, emissary of the now deceased Sliske, as she attempts to find her place in a world without her idol, and long-time players will recognize a few familiar faces as her adventure unfolds.”

RuneScape has been putting up incredible numbers lately, with 2020 seeing a huge influx of new players. It was also announced today that Jagex had been acquired by a private equity firm – The Carlyle Group. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but analysts believe the firm dished out more than $530 million for the purchase. The news came less than a year after Jagex’s previous buyout, which occurred last April.

The Celebration of Skilling and Once Upon A Time are now available in RuneScape.

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