Sable: Where To Find All Cartographers

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  • Cartographer's Balloon – Sansee
  • Cartographer's Balloon – The Wash
  • Cartographer's Balloon – The Badlands
  • Cartographer's Balloon – Redsee
  • Cartographer's Balloon – Hakoa
  • Cartographer's Balloon – Sodic Waste

Sable's open world gives you tons of freedom from the very beginning, which can be a bit overwhelming. This can be made even worse by the fact that the map isn't revealed to you immediately. Thankfully, the game lets you buy maps from different cartographers throughout the world, helping you navigate the dunes and decide where to go next.

Each of the six regions in Sable's world has a different Cartographer's Balloon. Once you're in range, you'll be able to spot these balloons in the distance. The cartographers will let you buy a map from them, unlocking new details in your map, and you'll also be able to buy Cartographer Badges from them, allowing you to unlock the Cartographer's Mask and its related achievement/trophy.

Cartographer's Balloon – Sansee

The first region you encounter after leaving your tribe is Sansee. The Cartographer's Balloon in Sansee is located just West of Ewer, on top of a rock formation. You won't struggle much to get up the rock formation since it's not very, and you won't need too much stamina to reach it.

Cartographer's Balloon – The Wash

The Cartographer's Balloon in The Wash is located on the North-East side of the region, just below the spooky forest in the region. Getting up to the balloon in The Wash can be quite tricky since it requires more precise jumping. The balloon will be on top of a large rock, and you'll need to climb up a series of curved platforms that hang off the edge of the rock.

Cartographer's Balloon – The Badlands

The Badlands are a rocky region full of large canyons. The Cartographer's Balloon is located in the middle of the region, in the skeletal graveyard. The rocky formations here extend way up to the sky and the balloon will be waiting on one of these. If you don't have much stamina, don't worry! There are plenty of routes up the canyon. Find one of the large skeletons to climb up. Once you're up high, you can glide to the Cartographer's Balloon.

Cartographer's Balloon – Redsee

Redsee is the largest region on the map, but the Cartographer's Balloon is still hard to miss. The Cartographer's Balloon is located between the Sansee region and the city of Eccria. It will be waiting on top of a very tall, empty building. Once you reach the structure, you'll be able to find an open door at its foot. Take the stairs up the building until you're outside; then, you only need to climb up a few platforms to reach the Cartographer.

Cartographer's Balloon – Hakoa

The balloon in Hakoa is located in the North-East of the region. You'll be able to spot it from a mile away since it waits on top of a spinning contraption. You'll need to jump and climb on these platforms while they're moving, but you don't need too much stamina to climb up.

Cartographer's Balloon – Sodic Waste

If you enter the Sodic Waste region from the West, you'll immediately see the Cartographer's Balloon at the highest point. Go to the foot of the balloon, and you'll find a route to climb up the structure. Keep an eye out for bright yellow nets that are climbable and will signal where you should go next.

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