Saints Row Players Are Using The Garage To Recreate The Batmobile, Ecto-1, And More

The long wait for Saints Row finally came to an end the other day, but despite the game receiving middling reviews, there's a decent amount of fans enjoying it's admittedly impressive customisation options. Saints Row players have been recreating famous characters for months thanks to Boss Factory, but now they've taken to recreating famous vehicles from a wide variety of different franchises.

Several players have shared their creations to the Saints Row subreddit, including Redditor Catgirl_Amer who has managed to take a Reaper and transform it into Ecto-1 from the Ghostbusters franchise. Granted, there aren't many ghosts in need of busting around Santo Ileso, although I guess a hearse is quite a fitting vehicle for this kind of recreation.

Not a fan of Ghostbusters? Never fear, as Redditor RedDeadBastard has a different recreation for you, lovingly turning a Panteros Dreadnaught from the game into the Batmobile from Robert Pattinson's The Batman. If you've seen the movie, you'll know that there probably isn't a better vehicle out there to go tearing up the streets with. Let's just ignore the moral quandry about a criminal being behind the wheel of a superhero's car.

We've saved the most impressive (and possibly cursed) recreation for last though, as Redditor esecene has shared their attempt to make the Hit & Run remake that we all crave. In an incredible display of creativity, esecene has managed to turn their player character into Homer from The Simpsons and has also managed to recreate and cruise around in his iconic pink car. It just goes to show that Saints Row's in-depth customization means you can potentially roleplay as almost anyone.

In other Saints Row news, if you've been wondering why Santo Ileso is always in a state of perpetual sunny weather, developer Volition has an answer for you. According to technical director Brian Traficante, Volition was still building development tools whilst simultaneously building the game as well. This is mostly why Saints Row lacks certain features and could also explain the game's rocky launch.

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