SDCC: Gamora Is Back In The New Trailer For Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3

Marvel recently revealed that Gamora is going to be returning in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. The news comes from a trailer shown at the San Diego Comic-Con. “Just announced in Hall H, Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3,” the company said on Twitter. “In theaters May 5, 2023.”

Gamora can be seen in the trailer as she runs the Ravagers. While the main character, Peter Quill, seems surprised to come across her, Nebula is hardly taken aback. Gamora however is clearly incapable of remembering anything at all about the Guardians, explaining that she is very much alive and a completely different person from the Gamora who previously died. Groot can also be seen all grown up along with a baby Rocket Raccoon.

“Gamora is seen with the Ravagers, not remembering anything about Star Lord or his life with the first Gamora,” the official description reads. “Baby Rocket is shown, getting into the raccoon's origins. Adam Warlock is also seen. The footage ends with a comedic moment of Star Lord opening up to Gamora emotionally when he is overheard by the other Guardians, with Mantis and Drax making fun of him.”

The movie will be released as part of the next phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Phase 5. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 is widely expected to be the last entry in the series by the filmmaker and actor James Gunn. Production on the film began back in November, 2021 and came to a conclusion in May, 2022. The movie will be hitting theaters on May 5, 2023.

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