Sea Of Thieves: How To Complete All The Expert Trials Of Adventure

The Expert Trials of Adventure are the toughest, longest trials in this category on Sea of Thieves. Thankfully, you’ll have made progress on most of these by doing the earlier trials and just playing the game, nevertheless, several of these represent hours of playing to unlock.

How To Complete Every Expert Sailor Trial in Sea of Thieves

  • Hit ships with Chainshots
  • Sail miles across the sea
  • Sail miles across the sea while on a Voyage

The Expert Sailor trial is relatively straightforward, but quite long. The first deed is the easiest, asking you to hit ships with twenty Chainshots. These are the special cannonballs you can find in barrels throughout the game and are distinctive because they look like two cannonball chained together.

Primarily these are used to deal extra damage to masts, but the deed doesn’t specify where you have to hit the ship, so you can pepper the much easier to hit hull to complete this quickly. Remember that Chainshots have a shorter range than regular cannonballs, so it might take a little practice to get your aim adjusted.

The second deed will complete eventually, as you have to sail one hundred miles across the sea. You can try and spend more time focusing on this deed, but its much easier to work on others and let this one unlock organically as your play.

Likewise, the third deed wants you to sail one hundred miles while on a voyage. This will probably be slower than the other that counts for every mile sailed no matter what, but will unlock eventually as you play the game.

The game doesn’t make it clear how long a nautical mile is, but you’ll notice plenty of miles logged in the logbook as you play.

How To Complete Every Expert Story Seeker Trial in Sea of Thieves

  • Speak with the Ferryman, Madame Olivia, Grace, Tallulah, and the Mysterious Stranger
  • Complete all Available Tall Tales (0/11)
  • Find all Journals within the Tall Tales (0/60)

The Expert Story Seeker is easily the longest trial of all them in Season One. While the first deed is easy enough, everyone after that requires hours upon hours of work.

The first deed simply wants you to speak to the Ferryman, Madame Olivia, Grace, Tallulah, and the Mysterious Stranger. While it will involve some sailing around, these five NPCs are easy enough to find.

The Mysterious Stranger can be found in any tavern, on any outpost in the game. Simply enter the tavern and look for the guy that you would call a mysterious stranger, then speak to him.

The Ferryman can’t be found on any island in Sea of Thieves, but you’ll be seeing a lot of him. Every time you die in Sea of Thieves you’ll be transported to the Ferry of the Damned, where you’ll have to wait for the bell to rings and the doors to open to return you to the land of the living. Climb the stairs to the helm and you’ll find the Ferryman sailing through these strange ocean.

Madame Olivia is the Order of Souls representative at Plunder Outpost, J18 on the map. Once at the outpost, simply go to the Order of Souls tent under the Premium Store and speak to her. She is the NPC tied to the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale.

Grace is at another outpost, Morrow’s Peak, in the Devils Roar. She can be found outside the tavern, wearing a hard miss collection of burnt pirate clothes.

Tallulah is just a few steps from Grace. She’s the proprietor of the tavern on Morrows Peak Outpost, in the Devil’s Roar. Once you’ve spoken to all of them, you’ll have completed the deed. These NPCs are all connected in some way to Tall Tales, which is about to come up.

The second deed sounds easy enough. It wants you to complete all eleven Tall Tales. The eleven Tall Tales can be divided into two Arcs, The Shores of Gold has the first nine Tales, while the Ashen Age has the last too.

There is also an order to the Tales, with the Shores of Gold ones recommended before the Ashen Age.

The Shroudbreaker can be started from any tavern in Sea of Thieves, you’ll see the book to vote on beside the Mysterious Stranger.

The Cursed Rogue is next, which can be found beside Madame Olivia in the Order of Souls tent in Plunder Outpost.

The Legendary Storyteller can be started from the Ancient Spire Outpost, in the tavern beside Tasha.

The North Star Seaport is where you can begin the Stars of a Thief Tall Tale.

Madam Olive (not to be confused with Madam Olivia) will help you start the Wild Rose Tall Tale. You can find her in the Order of Souls tent on Sanctuary Outpost.

At the eastern shore of Plunder Valley, beside the shipwreck, you can find Salty the undead parrot. On top of that, you can also start The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale.

The Fate of the Morningstar can be started on the Ferry of the Damned, next to the Ferryman.

Revenge of the Morningstar is waiting for you on Dagger Tooth Outpost down by the Shipwright.

The final Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold, also named the Shores of Gold, can be started with Grace on Morrow’s Peak Outpost, in The Devil’s Roar.

The first of the two Ashen Age Tall Tales can be found by speaking to the ghost of Arthur Pendragon on Shipwreck Bay. You can find him in the titular shipwreck to begin The Seabound Soul.

The final Tall Tale, Heart of Fire, is presented by Tallulah, in the tavern at Morrow’s Peak Outpost.

There isn’t time or room to guide you through each one, so be sure to check out the Tall Tales guides if you’re struggling with any of them as your work your way through.

These guides will also be very useful to anyone hoping to complete the third deed, where you have to find all sixty Tall Tale Journals scattered through the game. Obviously, there are a lot to go through so you can find their locations in each of the Tall Tale guides.

How To Complete Every Expert Scorcher Trial in Sea of Thieves

  • Complete the ‘Heart of Fire’ Tall Tale (0/1)
  • Complete a Legendary Voyage in The Devil’s Roar (0/1)
  • Deliver Devil’s Roar Cargo Run items, on time and in perfect condition (0/8)

The Expert Scorcher trials once again take you to The Devil’s Roar but there’s a chance you’ve at least started some of these deeds already.

The first deed wants you to complete the Heart of Fire Tall Tale. This is the last Tall Tale in the Ashen Age Saga, and is provided by Tallulah in the tavern at Morrow’s Peak Outpost. You will have to have completed The Seabound Soul before you can start this adventure.

For more information on how to complete The Heart of Fire, please check out our detailed guide on the Tall Tale and all the journals you can collect while on it.

The second deed wants you to complete a Legendary Voyage in The Devil’s Roar. Legendary Voyages are only given by the Pirate Lord, so can only be bought and proposed by a Pirate Legend. To find the Pirate Lord you have to play the tune in any tavern to access the Athena’s Fortune Hideout, then head behind the bar to see him. Following the typical rules, Devil’s Roar voyages have a distinct red border when purchasing them, letting you know this one is extra difficult.

This makes this deed a little challenging if you’re not a Pirate Legend, but not impossible. While you can’t buy and propose the voyage yourself, you can still vote for one and complete it as long as you have a Pirate Legend willing to do it for you. Check out the Sea of Thieves official for any crews you might be able to join and you’re bound to find a Pirate Legend looking to do the same voyage.

Just remember, Athena Voyages can be very long, and involve completing tasks of the three main Trading Companies to complete the voyage, so be prepared.

The final deed for the Expert Scorcher trial is to deliver 8 pieces of cargo on a Devil’s Roar Cargo Run in perfect condition and on time. These Devil’s Roar Cargo Run Voyages can be bought most easily from the Merchant Alliance on Morrow’s Peak Outpost in The Devil’s Roar, but they are occasionally available elsewhere.

It is highly recommended that you have a rowboat to do this successfully, and should not be attempted alone.

You will have to collect several crates of precious cargo once you accept the quest, and deliver it undamaged to the recipient, who will also be The Devil’s Road. This means you’ll be containing with earthquakes, geysers, and eruptions all while making sure the cargo is undamaged.

The cargo can either be cloth, rum, or plants, and each can be damaged in different ways. Plants have to stay wet, so if you have any of these on your delivery, make sure to fill the bottom few inches of your ship with water to keep them happy. Cloth is the opposite, and wants to be perfectly dry. Use your rowboat to transport it on and off your ship, and keep the crates stacked on shelves below deck to avoid any water that might come in through holes, or rain, as your traveling. Rum Bottles are going to be the most challenging to handle perfectly in The Devil’s Roar. If the ship they are on, or the pirate carrying them, takes any damage they will begin to crack. With volcanoes so prevalent in the region, there is a good chance you will take unavoidable damage as you sail.

So the best method for this challenge is to ignore the rum bottles. Take them with you of course, but don’t worry about the damage they take. This deed requires only eight delivered in perfect condition and on time, so even if it takes several voyages to get to eight, you will get there if you’re careful with your plants and clothe.

The time is rarely an issue, with a normally generous delivery window. As long as your heading straight for your destination, you’ll have more than enough time to carefully deliver your items. This should also give you enough time to wait, should the island you’re delivering to be undergoing any natural disasters when you arrive.

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