Season 13 Brings New Trials Of Osiris Armor For Destiny 2’s PvP Game Mode

Umbral Engrams are coming, Bright Dust bounties are becoming Seasonal Challenges, Rockets are getting a massive 30% damage buff, and now we’re seeing what the new Trials of Osiris will look like in Destiny 2’s next season.

Bungie tweeted out a few teaser screens on the official Twitter account earlier today which represents the first refresh of Trials of Osiris armor since Trials returned in Season of the Worthy. While the first set had a very Egyptian motif, this second set seems to have a very snake-like, even occult theme.

Glowing red eyes and a large, deep hood give the Hunter armor a menacing appearance, while the narrow and pointed Warlock helmet makes it seem somehow machiavellian. The Titan armor, in typical Titan fashion, is all about spikes and over-extended shoulder pads, although even the Titans have a cobra-style cowl on the helmet.

We’ll certainly get a better look at this armor once the Season 13 trailer drops on February 2, and it will certainly help with falling player counts in Trials of Osiris. Last week, Trials dipped below 100,000 participants for the first time across all platforms–a sure indication of fatigue with the current Stasis meta.

Stasis has been running wild in the Crucible all season long. Stasis abilities are just generally more powerful than their Light-based counterparts, leading players to eschew gunplay in favor of low-cooldown abilities that can guarantee multiple kills at once.

Bungie has already taken action against the Hunter Revenant Shatterdive, nerfing its overall damage and range, but it seems to have had little effect on the Revenant’s dominance in the Crucible. Titan Behemoth should be next on Bungie’s hit list, but if the coming nerf is as mild as the Revenant’s, it’s as likely to do little to rebalance the meta.

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