Secretlab's New League Of Legends Gaming Chairs Feature Its Most Stunning Designs Yet

Secretlab is known for making some of the best gaming chairs around from both a comfort and style perspective. With designs based around Cyberpunk 2077, Game of Thrones, Overwatch, and more, Secretlab continues to offer a growing collection of high-quality themed gaming chairs. Now, League of Legends is joining the fray, with four new gaming chairs created in collaboration with Riot Games. The League of Legends Champions lineup is the first officially branded chairs for the massively popular MOBA, and we had the chance to check out one of the models early ahead of its release next month.

The League of Legends Champions lineup includes chairs modeled after Yasuo, Ahri, Akali, and a special variant for her K/DA pop star look. Anyone with a Secretlab 2020 Series chair will be familiar with the look and feel of the League of Legends chairs. All of the 2020 improvements–which were small but meaningful–are here, including a durable metal armrest adjuster, memory foam neck and lumbar pillows, and the new Prime 2.0 PU Leather. Secretlab promises the soft, cushy leather will hold up better over years of use.

As someone who has been using the Yasuo model for a few days now, it’s impossible to provide testimony on that. However, Secretlab does offer five-year warranties on 2020 Series chairs, a big increase to the previous two-year warranties.

One thing is for sure, though: Secretlab put a great amount of care toward the design of the League of Legends chairs. They aren’t flashy, with the front maintaining an understated, clean look and the back featuring gorgeous graphics that fit the personality and character design of each of the four champions.

All four chairs are available to pre-order now in Titan ($429) and Omega ($389) models, and you can figure out which size is right for you on Secretlab’s site. Generally, anyone under 6 feet will want the Omega, while taller folks should opt for the Titan. I tested the Omega and found it to be the most comfortable and solid gaming chair I’ve used. It’s easy to put together–took no more than 20 minutes–and looks incredible in front of my desk setup.

Take a peek at all four League of Legends Champions gaming chairs below, each of which fully reclines and has an adjustable seat, full 360-degree swivel, and excellent roll thanks to premium casters. Orders for the League of Legends Champions lineup are expected to ship by September 23. They are admittedly pricey, and if you’re looking for something on the cheaper side, check out our roundup of the best budget gaming chairs, any of which would pair well with a great gaming desks.

Yasuo Edition

Omega – $389 | Titan – $429

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