She-Hulk Fans Are Angry About Latest Episode’s Sopranos Spoilers

She-Hulk episode four crossed over with a very unexpected show. A number of references to The Sopranos were made, and some very big plot points from the show are discussed. Turns out despite the iconic show coming to an end more than 15 years ago, some She-Hulk viewers are pretty annoyed elements of The Sopranos have now been spoiled for them.

Suffice to say, if you're not completely caught up on She-Hulk, and you haven't finished watching The Sopranos, you might want to stop reading here. Spoilers for both shows will be included throughout. The first unexpectedly problematic scene comes when Madisynn, the constantly tipsy star of episode four, shows up at Wong's place through a portal.

Wong is watching The Sopranos when Madisynn arrives. Within seconds, she has revealed Adriana is killed later in that same episode. As the two continue to cross paths throughout episode four, Madisynn later spoils that Tony kills Christopher. Wong was understandably annoyed, but since The Sopranos' finale aired during the summer of 2007, you'd think referencing it in present-day shows would be fair game.

Well, apparently not, as highlighted by Metro. Shortly after the latest episode of She-Hulk dropped on Disney Plus, viewers took to Twitter to air their frustrations about elements of The Sopranos being spoiled. Reactions included people warning others not to watch She-Hulk if they don't want The Sopranos to be spoiled, and others flying into a Hulk-style rage as they seem to be midway through watching the 15-year-old show but hadn't yet made it to the points that have now been spoiled.

There's no hard and fast rule for when it's okay to openly talk about major plot points in a show or movie without having to worry about whether you're spoiling it for others. On the one hand, including references to deaths in a show that finished 15 years ago seems fair. On the other, streaming has very much changed people's viewing habits. There will be people currently working their way through The Sopranos thanks to streaming platforms that weren't old enough to watch it when it first aired, and in some cases might not have even been alive.

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