Silent Hill 2’s PS5 Remake Won’t Have Any Loading Screens

We’ve come a long way from the PlayStation 2. Back then, loading screens were just the norm, with some games having one every time the play moved from one room to the next. Silent Hill 2 was particularly bad for that sort of thing, especially when you explore Brookhaven Hospital or the Lakeview Hotel.

Thankfully, technology has vastly improved since 2001, and Silent Hill 2’s remake will have absolutely zero cutscenes thanks to solid-state storage.

Silent Hill 2 remake’s creative director and lead designer Mateusz Lenart provided some additional technical details on how Bloober Team is remaking the psychological horror game to be even more terrifying. Besides getting motion capture for improved facial expressions and animation, the PS5’s SSD Storage technology means that there won’t be any loading screens to break up the action.

"The superfast data streaming means players won’t see any loading screens as they seamlessly explore the entirety of the Silent Hill town," said Lenart. On the plus side, this means you’ll be far more immersed in Silent Hill than ever before. On the downside, this probably means you won’t be able to save yourself from monsters simply by entering an empty room.

Another feature that Bloober Team will implement is an over-the-shoulder camera instead of the largely fixed cameras of the original Silent Hill 2. This will also require Bloober Team to rebuild Silent Hill 2's combat system and various set-piece scenes from the original now that James can actually see what's coming for him.

Anyone who saw last night's trailer will also note that the game already looks fantastic even though it's still in development. That's thanks to Unreal Engine 5, which will use its Lumen and Nanite technology to bring the highest visual fidelity and the creepiest lighting to Silent Hill 2.

"Armed with these technologies, we hope to make Silent Hill 2 an even more harrowing and unforgettable experience for fans old and new. We’re confident that we can do justice to this cult classic, and breathe a new life into its gameplay," Lenart concluded. "The end result will be a Silent Hill game that looks and sounds better than anything that has come before it."

Silent Hill 2 will be exclusive to the PS5 and PC platforms. Wishlist the game now on Steam for updates on when pre-orders go live.

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