Silent Hill 2’s Translator Says Konami Will Give Him "Zero Compensation" For Using His Script In The Remake

Silent Hill 2's original translator, Jeremy Blaustein, has responded to the reveal of the remake by claiming that he'll get "zero compensation" for Konami using his script and his work, following his only appearing in the "special thanks" section of the Silent Hill HD Collection.

Earlier this week, Konami revealed the future of Silent Hill, including several new titles and the long-rumoured remake of Silent Hill 2, with some of the original staff who worked on the game making a return. Although that might seem like a cause for celebration, not everyone who worked on Silent Hill 2 is happy to see the remake, including Silent Hill 2's translator, Jeremy Blaustein.

Blaustein took to Twitter to react to the announcement of the remake, saying, "(Konami) will, once again, use the SH2 English script that I wrote/translated (oh, directed too) completely by myself and I will get zero compensation for it and there will not be tens of thousands of people on Twitter outraged on my behalf". He also revealed that he had no idea about the remake before it was announced, noting that it "would have been nice" to have at least been sent a message.

Although Blaustein is only listed as the translator for the original Silent Hill 2, he explained in an email to GamesRadar+ that his responsibilities were far more than he was credited for. Not only did he single-handledly translate Silent Hill 2, but he also directed the voice-over work, arranged auditions, made decisions on which actors would get which roles, and he even directed motion-capture sessions. Blaustein also added that the lack of Japanese voiceovers for the game testifies "the importance of the script that I wrote".

In the email, Blaustein also said that he doesn't expect any kind of monetary compensation for his work and just wants to get the proper recognition for his contributions to the series. "I do strongly feel that giving me appropriate credit for my role is the right thing to do," he explained.

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