Skyrim Charcuterie Boards Include Eidar Cheese, Snowberries, And… Ectoplasm?

At this point, you’ve probably done it all in Skyrim. You’ve saved the land, defeated the evil Alduin, and slain the Black Knight. You’ve purchased homes in every city where you can, and probably a few where you can’t thanks to a few mods.

And now that you’ve settled into domestic life, it’s time to start entertaining guests for dinner parties. You never know when the Jarl of Whiterun might show up, so you have to be prepared for royalty on a moment’s notice. And what better way to entertain royalty than with a charming charcuterie board?

Reddior ikilledmyfirstwife (a name that explains their Skyrim addiction perfectly) showcased their charcuterie skills with this lovely ensemble. Instead of grapes, we have snowberries, along with an apple, carrot, bread, sweet roll, honey nut treat, and some long taffy.

But what charcuterie board is complete without cheese? Eidar cheese isn’t exactly the most visually appealing cheese, but it’s a surefire standin for blue or brie. And instead of fondue we’ve got potato soup and… what appears to be Spriggan Sap.

Well, you can wash that Spriggan Sap down with some Alto Wine, I guess. And a gourd for presentation. We give this charcuterie board a nine for presentation, but an eight for probable taste. Maybe next time skip the ectoplasmic remains of a fae creature and stick to known food items.

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