Skyrim Mod Will Introduce The Nemesis System From Middle-earth: Shadow Of Mordor

Remember that Ice Troll who dispatched you on your way up to The Throat of the World in Skyrim? What if it suddenly came back for more while you're busy buying a house or getting married in Whiterun? Sure, you'll be too stronger then, but so will the troll. Well, you don't have to imagine that anymore, as someone is making a mod that introduces the Nemesis System from Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor to Skyrim.

"Hours later you awaken to the drip of water on your bare chest," says the flavour text for the mod on Reddit. "You look up only to be met with cavernous darkness. You don't remember how you got here, all you recall is a landmark in the bog, a shrine belonging to Mara. It appears you've been dragged into an empty lair and stripped of all worldly possessions except for the buckler that saved your life. Reaching to pick it up, you writhe in tremendous pain. It feels like you'll never raise your shield again and the shame of defeat becomes more painful than the broken bones in your hand. You vow to take back your possessions and reclaim your honor against the bog vampire known as "Breaks-Many-Shields".

As spotted by PCGamesN, Shadow of Skyrim: Nemesis and Alternative Death System is an upcoming mod by developer Syclonix, which will turn any enemy that defeats you into a named character with better stats, gear, and even a special buff. What's more, if they defeat you, they will be able to take your armour and use it for themselves. A lot of the features that the developer has added with this mod are optional or customizable, so you can incorporate this Nemesis System in any way you like.

Additional features include giving the player a situational or random debuff upon defeat, respawning the player to a random location upon defeat – like a vampire's lair if the enemy is a vampire, introduces a quest to track down the nemesis and also find your lost gear. It also "intentionally synergizes" with any other active mods in order to add new enemies, locations, abilities, and perks. Syclonix has also shared examples of the customisation menu that comes along with the mod.

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