Smash Bros. Creator Masahiro Sakurai Has Started His Own YouTube Channel About Game Development

Masahiro Sakurai teased earlier this week that he had a new project in the works to replace his daily Smash Bros. screenshots. Today, he has revealed that project to be a brand new YouTube channel in which he will take deep dives into game design in an attempt to explain what makes games fun, and hopefully influence others to follow in his footsteps.

Sakurai kicked off his YouTube channel by posting a seven-minute video, which you can check out below, explaining exactly what he wants to achieve from this new venture. “I want to try and make games around the world a little more fun,” Sakurai says when summarizing what he is aiming to achieve from his channel. Whether you're a seasoned developer, someone just breaking into the industry, or simply an interested fan, he hopes to have something for everyone.

The Smash director goes on to reveal he has been invited to give lectures in game development schools, but that isn't something that necessarily interests him. Not because he doesn't want to impart his knowledge and help a whole new generation of developers, but because it isn't the right setting to really discuss game theory.

Even though the project is not affiliated with Nintendo, Sakurai reveals the company has given him its blessing to show off early Smash builds and design documents on the channel. He's also not interested in making money from the videos, hence the desire to keep them relatively short and not include adverts. The channel already has 131,000 subscribers, and Sakurai has already uploaded three videos, one of which runs through every game he has ever worked on.

As touched upon above, for almost three years, Sakurai has been posting Smash Ultimate screenshots on Twitter every single day since the game launched. On Tuesday, he posted the final shot of the hundreds he amassed during the game's development. His YouTube videos won't be posted daily, but they should more than fill the gap left by the screenshots.

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