Sniffer Steals Minecraft Mob Vote

The studio behind Minecraft, Mojang, recently revealed Sniffer to be the winner of the latest mob vote, beating out competitors Rascal and Tough Golem. There were apparently more than 3.5 million votes cast in total.

The news comes from the Minecraft Live 2022 show held earlier today on October 15, 2022. This allowed fans of the franchise to follow along as developers found out “what’s in store for Minecraft: Legends, get competitive in Minecraft: Dungeons, announce the next Minecraft update, and reveal which mob won the community vote,” according to the official description of the previously recorded livestream, posted to YouTube.

Minecraft players have been expecting Sniffer to win the mob vote for some time now, rendering the reveal somewhat unsurprising, but fans of the franchise are nonetheless pleased. Sniffer will be added to the game at some point in the coming months.

This comes in the wake of news that a popular Minecraft streamer known as Dream has been accused of sexual misconduct. The content creator allegedly groomed a number of underage girls on Snapchat, a user on TikTok identified only as Amanda stating that “I was 17. He sent me a picture of his penis and a nut pic to me. He told me he has a chest full of sex toys. I didn’t save the messages on Snapchat because I wanted him to trust me because he was my favorite YouTuber sexting me which is exactly what groomers do.”

Amanda went on to describe how she was “a Dream stan and that’s why this happened,” adding that “I wanted him to trust me. I thought that I was genuinely building a bond with my favorite YouTuber and boy, was I wrong. That’s what grooming is, content creators making you feel important and taking stuff out of you because they know that you’re not going to do anything.”

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