Sombra Can Clip Through New Overwatch 2 Map, Kill Opponents In Spawn

Overwatch 2 has been a bit of an enigma since it launched. The base gameplay, new characters, and overall package is something that everyone likes, but the sheer number of bugs, exploits, server issues, and skewed Hero balancing have resulted in frustration for many loyal players; and even an overall snub at what could have been a good haul at The Game Awards. With season one done with, players were expecting a slew of improvements and fixes with the season two update, however, some things have only gotten worse.

Sombra has been a slippery Hero, right from when the game launched. On October 18, we reported that Overwatch 2 players were complaining about Sombra being able to glitch inside the Payload via her teleport ability and shoot at enemies from within, while being fully protected. Of course, this is a game breaking bug, as Sombra can hitch a ride on the Payload all the way to its destination without getting shot. A bug like this should ideally be fixed in a matter of days, but as of October 30, it wasn't.

However, instead of fixing things, last week's season two update seems to have made things worse with a new map. Where Sombra was earlier only able to glitch into the payload, it appears that she can now glitch below this map, make her way to her opponent's spawn site, get back up, and ambush them. As can be seen via the video posted by Noelle Vossbrink, Sombra clips below a flight of stairs, then uses her teleportation to make her way below the map. She also gets back up to the map via her teleportation.

We tried this for ourselves and it worked. We even managed to shoot opponents from below the map, without them realizing where they were being attacked from.

That's two major updates now, but the devs can't seem to get a handle on this bug that allows Sombra to glitch into places she shouldn't be able to. If this issue persists, Sombra might just get the Mei treatment, and be temporarily removed from Overwatch 2 until all issues have been resolved.

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