Sombra Can Still Glitch Inside The Payload In Overwatch 2

As many players spotted last week, Overwatch 2 launched with a bug that let Sombra clip into the payload. As you can expect, this meant that the Sombra player could constantly contest the point – and be completely safe from attacks. In practice, going against this is an instant loss, as you'll be unable to both defend the payload or push it forward, regardless of whether you're on attack or defence.

And now, it seems that players are still seeing this oversight in their games, despite the huge Halloween update rebalancing a bunch of Heroes. As recently as yesterday, a player has shared clips of an enemy Sombra glitching into the payload, making the game unwinnable.

As documented by Reddit user darkoverzero, Sombra is still perfectly able to get inside the payload and guarantee their team's victory.

According to other players in the replies, the only way to attack Sombra when she's like this is through Hanzo's ult, since this can go through walls and objects. It's also theorized that Sigma's ult could have the same effect, but this doesn't appear to have been proven.

Furthermore, it seems that Tracer mains can get in on the fun too. Another clip shared this week shows Tracer accidentally clipping into the payload using her Recall ability. At the very least, it seems that they were able to clip back out again towards the end, but more nefarious players could definitely start using this to their advantage.

It's not clear when a fix will be on the way, but if the issue becomes prevalent enough, it's possible that we'll see Sombra pulled from the roster until it's addressed. This recently happened with Torbjorn and Bastion, who were taken out of play as their abilities were lasting far longer than intended. In Bastion's case, players were even able to spam his ultimate.

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