Some People Think Genshin Impact’s Musk Reef Is Shaped Like A Crescent, But If You Flip It Upside Down…

It’s amazing what a new perspective can show you. Genshin Impact’s Musk Reef is usually referred to by its crescent-like shape, but one player got curious and decided to flip the image upside-down. The results are pretty hilarious.

Reddit user tsuyunoru posted their Reef findings in a thread where they showcased a flipped image of the Musk Reef as shown on the game’s map. While upright the Reef resembles an almost-closed crescent, but when flipped the Reef looks like… well, have a look for yourself.

Do you see it? Did you look? I can’t believe you fell for it! Get ready for a few punches from miHoYo.

Jokes aside, it seems that if the Musk Reef is turned upside-down it resembles a circle being made with someone’s fingers. Of course, this has become a pretty popular motion associated with playing “The Circle Game”. That game involves one person making a circle with their fingers that resembles the hand gesture for “OK” and holding it below their waist. Then, they try to convince another person to look at it. If they get someone to look, they get to punch them. An odd, but weirdly satisfying game that has made a whole generation of kids afraid to look down.

Of course, it is not likely that miHoYo crafted the reef to look like the hand gesture, but it is possible that one developer inserted the image and is now having a good laugh at everyone’s reactions. After all, this wouldn’t be the first time that the game’s map has revealed some hidden details. A while ago, players uncovered that the main city Plazas were modeled after their Region’s Visions.

The commenters under the post are having a great time with the discovery. Many are finding the resemblance too familiar and feel that the developer put it there on purpose to troll players. Some cannot believe they never noticed the resemblance, even right-side-up. Others are more upset that they fell for it and let their guard down enough to get bamboozled by one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Intentional or not, this little discovery is just one example of why large games like Genshin Impact are fun to explore and play around in. It is hard to tell what other secrets might be hiding in plain sight on the map.

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