Someone Has Found A Last of Us Part 2 Easter Egg In Uncharted 4

After almost five years since its release, an Uncharted 4 player has seemingly discovered a brand new easter egg that ties directly to The Last of Us Part 2.

Reddit user kheinrichs575 shared a post to The Last of Us subreddit of a blurry photo taken from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The image is of a bottle of pills that can be picked up by young Nathan Drake in Chapter 16: A Brothers Drake, but what stands out the most is the label.

The label reads, “Weston’s pharmacy,” the same pharmacy which is prominently featured throughout Ellie’s journey in The Last of Us Part 2. It’s a neat easter egg, but the pharmacy chain has been featured in more than one Naughty Dog game.

Another Redditor in the comments of the post was also quick to point out that Weston’s pharmacy is also featured within the mall of The Last of Us: Left Behind, making the discovery even more interesting.

There’s been speculation in the past from the Naughty Dog community as to whether or not both Naughty Dog IP’s exist within the same universe, and this new discovery could lend to that theory. Or maybe it’s just another asset that’s been reused during development. Who knows?

There are plenty of Naughty Dog easter eggs scattered throughout The Last of Us Part 2, a more obvious one to those who have played Uncharted would be the famous Sic Parvis Magna ring, which can be found near the beginning of the game.

Since its release last year, The Last of Us Part 2 players have continued to discover new things about the game. Most recently, someone found out that Ellie has a dodge technique which is great for escaping from bloaters, which not that many people seemed to be aware of. Another player even discovered that Ellie can catch ammo mid-air if you press a button fast enough.

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