Sonic Isn’t Allowed To Kiss Humans Anymore

Next week, the very first Sonic games will make their way onto the latest consoles via Sonic Origins. The new collection includes four games, and even adds all-new cinematics that appear to link them together, presumably allowing you to play through them as if they were one big game. Origins will serve as a reminder of how far Sonic has come in 30 years. He's been to space, competed at the Olympics, and one time he was even brought back to life by a kiss, Snow White-style.

If you haven't played Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), then you might not know the blue blur was brought back from the dead by the Choas Emeralds. Well, the emeralds and a kiss from Princess Elise the Third. Elise was not a fellow hedgehog, nor was she a fox, an echidna, or any of the other animals in the Sonic universe. The princess was a human, and if you were hoping to see Sonic lock lips with more of our kind, you're out of luck.

Takashi Iizuka has been working on Sonic games since Sonic 3 and revealed an unofficial rule of the hedgehog's games moving forward is no more kissing humans. Even though Iizuka didn't work on Sonic '06, when speaking with Axios (via IGN), the veteran Sega dev simply said, “I don't think we'll be doing that again.” If you've never seen the moment in question, you can check it out below.

The moment is an infamous one from Sonic history for a number of reasons. While humans are commonplace in the hedgehog's universe (Robotnik has been around since day one), Elise looks so real that watching her kiss a very cartoony hedgehog just doesn't sit right. Not to mention the fact Sonic is technically dead when she plants one on him. You can blame Disney for normalizing that sort of thing.

The relationship between the anthropomorphic cast of Sonic and its universe's resident humans was actually explained in a little more detail recently. Tails explained during a Q&A (yes, that happened) that humans live on the world's larger continents, while animals tend to stick to the smaller islands. That's why humans appear in some games, but in others, they are nowhere to be found.

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