Spider-Man Won’t Stop T-Posing In Marvel’s Avengers Glitch

Spider-Man joined Marvel's Avengers back in December of last year, but it looks like he's still in need of fixing. As spotted by players, a bug with his web-slinging has him flicking in and out of T-posing, gliding around the map without firing a web at all.

For whatever reason, something has broken Peter's animations. A glitch has left him unable to pull off his gliding animation – the one players probably see the most. It's expected that this will be fixed in a patch coming May 26. But in the meantime, PlayStation players can sit back and enjoy the glitchy ride.

"HOW DO I FIX THIS", pleads Reddit user Purple-Level5860. They share a clip of the bug in action, showing off a Spidey who is incapable of pulling off his main web-slinging gimmick. Well, he technically can, but just not as intended.

Unsurprisingly after all this time, other players have little patience. "Uninstall the game then play something thing else that worked for me", replies Infamous-Try-2974.

"Welcome to Marvel's Avengers: Where bugs are plenty and content is nonexistent," agrees davidrodriguezjr.

"The last time I played this game was when Spider-Man dropped." says North_Shore_Problem. "I played for about 30 minutes, laughed, immediately installed Insomniac’s Spider-Man and played that instead".

It's not surprising to see fans so frustrated by the state of the game. Recently, it was revealed that the roadmap for the live service had been scrapped, ending the hope that the game would be improved over time. Of course, updates are still coming, but it was a clear indication that expectations should be lowered.

On top of that, everything's looking pretty uncertain after the Embracer Group sale. Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal were sold off by Square Enix for a relatively small amount of money, and it's not clear if their new owners will want to keep pumping resources into the troubled title. However, nothing has been confirmed yet.

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