Splatoon 3 Players Are Using The Lobby To Create Their Own Minigames

Pretty much most us who like to play an online game here and there will have experienced long wait times to actualy get into games. Speaking as a big Titanfall 2 fan, you could write and publish a novel in the time it takes to get into a match these days. Nintendo has attempted to head off any potentially long waits by turning Splatoon 3's lobby into a lovely little playground you can use to try out and experiment with weapons and abilities.

However, fans have been using the lobby in much more creative ways than simply beating the snot out of a squid dummy, as several players have been showing off on Twitter (thanks Nintendo Life) the ways they use the room to pass the time. For example, Twitter user Motovation has shared footage of someone doing their best attempt to entertain people by pretending to be an old school PC screensaver on a nearby wall.

If you want to see a little game that involves more than one player, check out Failboat's recreation of Pong. Failboat and a second player turns themselves into squids representing a paddle each and then very slowly take it in turns to bat a ball (played by a third squid) to each other before the left paddle is defeated. Not exactly what the area was designed for, but a creative way to pass the time at least.

You have more understandable ways to kill time as well though, as I'm sure everyone here who's played Splatoon 3 has attempted to see how much of the entire lobby they can cover with ink before they're added to a match. I'd wager that you haven't gotten as far as Cherri bb who managed to cover every single wall and floor with ink. You also have rather wholesome footage of fans playing leapfrog with each other, really driving home that Splatoon 3's lobby is just one big playground.

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