Square Enix Acknowledge Outriders Launch Day Issues

Outriders is no doubt one of the top-selling titles for Square Enix. The game has seen over 100,000 concurrent players on Steam alone at launch with tens of thousands playing on consoles. At one time there were over 170,000 users watching Outriders streams on Twitch today. So, clearly, a lot of players are enjoying this new looter-shooter. However, with these great numbers, Outriders faced some issues on the launch day including a short server outage across platforms.

Square Enix and People Can Fly have been actively sharing updates on Outriders’ Twitter account and its subreddit. Toby Palm, Senior Community Manager at Square Enix, posted a big thread on Reddit with all of the issues and their possible solutions players were reporting yesterday. You can check out this thread here.

One of the issues Outriders faced yesterday was its crossplay feature. Square Enix stated that they discovered a “desynchronization between the PC and console code.” Due to this issue, they have temporarily turned off the automatic matchmaking between console and PC players. PC players can still invite console players to their party but they will disconnect after some time. Square Enix clarified that they highly recommended against doing this until they’ve fixed this issue.

Another issue stated on the thread was the pre-order bonus for Outriders – Hells Ranger content pack. Players were reporting that this content pack is inaccessible due to Stash being locked. Square Enix suggested that players should return to the lobby and re-enter the game. This should fix this problem.

Judging by the replies, the Outriders community has been loving the transparency and communication from the PCF and Square Enix team with all issues being reported from the game. A Reddit user “Patterson2020” said, “Y’all are Champs for running this thread, honestly, the amount of communication and transparency is freaking heartwarming.”

There are 4 classes you can choose from in Outriders, Trickster, Technomancer, Devastator, and Pyromancer. Each of these classes features unique abilities and playstyle. You can check out our complete Outriders wiki for new best build guides, collectibles, and the latest news.

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