Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Is Reportedly On Track For March 2023 Launch

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor won't be among the numerous delay announcements, according to a new report. This comes from sources speaking to insider Jeff Grubb, who says that development is going well, with EA poised to begin the game's promotion this December.

This is a similar update to what these sources told Grubb in August, suggesting that despite the silence from official channels, there is no cause for concern. If true, this means Jedi: Survivor is still on track for a March 2023 launch, despite EA's claims to the contrary.

Jeff Grubb discussed the claims on Giant Bomb's Game Mess Mornings podcast, saying that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has always been on track for a March 2023 release date.

"As EA has been saying in its earnings reports to investors this entire time, a 'big partnered game' is coming. Well that's always been Star Wars Jedi: Survivor," says Grubb. "There's no issue with the game right now."

Grubb continues, explaining EA's plans to promote the game. "It's October, that's less than five months away. Why aren't we hearing about it? Well, they have a plan," he says. "They're going to start talking about it in December and go right through to release. That was always the plan. They don't think that's going to have any negative effects."

Right now, however, EA is remaining tight-lipped about the actual release date. To see if these claims have been correct all along, we'll have to wait until December, when we can seemingly expect some new trailers and other promotional material. In the meantime, the official release date is simply 2023, with absolutely no indication of when it will be with us.

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