Stardew Valley: How To Get The Desert Obelisk

There’s nothing quite like the warm golden sands of the Calico Desert. Just a bus trip away from Stardew Valley, it has plenty of attractions to keep visitors coming back for more. Whether you enjoy some slot machine gambling courtesy of Mr. Qi or perusing the fine wares of both the Oasis and the Desert Trader, it’s good to come with money (or items) to spend. If you prefer fighting and treasure-hunting, however, there’s also the Skull Caverns, notorious for their never-ending floors and ramping difficulty.

Calico Desert, like many areas of Stardew Valley, has its share of secrets and tidbits waiting to be discovered. If you’re a huge fan of the Desert, you may be tired of taking the Bus every time or wasting resources on Desert Warp Totems. Wouldn’t you like to invest in something that will make your commute that much easier? Luckily, there’s the Desert Obelisk, a magic structure that you can build on your farm after following a few steps to unlock it. Here’s how.

Complete The Community Center (Or Joja Warehouse)

Stardew Valley, like many games, requires you to complete one of the game’s main objectives before getting access to Obelisks and other magical buildings. In this case, building the community center. This is seen as a big accomplishment, adding three points in total to Grandpa’s Evaluation. It’s definitely worth completing as fast as possible, especially since you’ll get rewarded with items and unlocks along the way.

  • We’ve written a full guide for completing the Community Center, but the most important thing is to complete bundles before the necessary items go out of season.

After completing the Community Center, go to the railroad to activate the quest cutscene for “Dark Talisman.”

Complete The “Dark Talisman” And “Goblin Problem” Quests

You’ll need to go through these two quests before the Wizard will let you read the magic book in his tower (which allows you to build magic structures like the Obelisks.)

Dark Talisman

First is Dark Talisman, which has the Wizard asking you to retrieve his Magic Ink for him. Unfortunately, it’s with his ex-wife, the Witch, and you’ll need a special talisman to get anywhere near her hut.

This is where fan-favorite Krobus can lend a hand. He not only does he have information on the talisman but he’ll point you in the right direction, too.

That direction is the Mutant Bug Lair in Pelican Town’s sewers. You’ll have to fight a lot of bugs to get to it, but with the right weapon, it’s easy. Getting the talisman leads into the next quest.

Goblin Problem

A Goblin henchman guards the entrance to the Witch’s Lair and won’t budge for anything…almost.

You’ll have to give him Void Mayonnaise (his favorite) in order for him to stand aside.

  • You can get Void Mayonnaise by putting one of Krobus’ Void Eggs into a Mayonnaise Machine, or fishing in the Witch’s Swamp.
  • This helpful easter “egg” allows for a 25% chance of finding Void Mayo if the Henchman is there (and you don’t already have any in your Inventory.)

Grab the Magic Ink and return it to the Wizard for your grand reward: his valuable trust. Oh, and access to building Junimo Huts, Obelisks, and the Golden Clock.

Collect The Necessary Ingredients

Just because you’ve unlocked the Obelisks doesn’t mean you automatically get one for free. You’ll have to collect some specific items for each Obelisk, as well as some serious cash. The Desert Obelisk requires the following items:

  • Iridium Bar x20: This is Stardew’s most precious (and most fictional) resource in the game, able to build powerful sprinklers and machines that can duplicate gemstones. Finding Iridium in year one can be a challenge, but reliable methods are rocks in levels 115-119 of the Mines, Magma and Omni Geodes, and deep in the Skull Caverns.
  • Coconut x10: Before Stardew’s 1.5 Update, Coconuts could only be found in Calico Desert and never grew anywhere else. Now, palm trees on Ginger Island have their fair share of Coconuts, making collection easier. They all have to be the same level of quality, however, so keep that in mind.
  • Cactus Fruit x10: Cactus Fruits exclusively spawn in the Desert, you’ll have to visit the Desert a lot in order to gain access to the infinite warping powers the Desert Obelisk provides. Thankfully, you can buy some seeds from Sandy and grow your own Cacti in the Greenhouse. Cactus Fruit Wine is also considerably valuable, so it’s definitely worth planting a few.

Save Some Cash

The Desert Obelisk has a price tag of 1 million gold. Yes, 1,000,000. If you’re nowhere near millionaire farmer status, you’ll want to look into ways of raking in cash ASAP. Of course, we recommend one of the most lucrative products in the game: Alcohol, specifically Aged Wine.

  • Some fruits are better than others for making wine and can haul in a serious profit for your Desert Obelisk Fundraiser.

It’s also good to use any remaining energy for fishing; some fish may not be very valuable, but you can turn those small fry into recipes like Sashimi that make more gold. Also, consider investing in Crab Pots that can haul in more fish every day. Just like real life, you may need a few side hustles in order to get together the money, but once you warp into the desert sun in the blink of an eye, it’ll all be worth it.

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