Stardew Valley: How To Get The Water Obelisk

If you’ve ever played Stardew Valley’s co-op or seen other players’ farms online, you might have noticed their islands adorned with tall, artistically decorated pillars that magically transport them to other areas in the game. These are Obelisks, buildings that are often utilized by players in the later years of their Stardew Valley game.

Obelisks eliminate the time-consuming ordeal of walking/riding your horse to major locations in the game, which can take up precious minutes (or even hours). Investing in these Obelisks allows players to skip the waste of Warp Totems and save vital inventory space in the process. They’re particularly useful when traveling to the Desert for Skull Cavern or Mountain for the Mines.

In this case, all the fish and shells down at the Beach makes getting a Water Obelisk worth it for experienced players (especially the ones who love to fish). They also look great for farm design, but that’s just a handy bonus. We’ll outline every necessary step in acquiring a Water Obelisk for your farm.

Complete The Community Center/Joja Warehouse

To build these Obelisks on your farm, you’ll access to the Wizard’s magic book. This can be done by finishing two particular quests.

In order to unlock the first quest you need to complete to gain access to the Wizard’s magic book, you’ll need to have completed either the Community Center (or the Joja Warehouse) and all of the bundles. This can be very tricky to do entirely in the first year, but it’s good advice to save one of each ingredient/crop that you come across in your adventuring.

Once the ceremony has taken place, head over to the railroad to trigger the cutscene for “Dark Talisman.” This quest involves speaking to Krobus and traveling through the Mutant Bug Lair in the sewers of Pelican Town. Completing this quest leads to “Goblin Problem,” the quest necessary for unlocking magic structures.

Complete The Goblin Problem Quest

Completing Goblin Problem will require talking to the Witches’ Henchman outside her Hut. You’ll need to give him Void Mayonnaise in order to persuade him to step aside. Void Mayonnaise is made by putting a Void Egg into a Mayonnaise Machine, and Void Eggs can be easily obtained from Krobus for 5,000 gold.

You can also sometimes find Void Mayo when you fish in the Witch’s Swamp. So long as the Henchman is there and you don’t already have a Void Mayo in your inventory, you have a 25% chance to find one this way.

Once you’ve got the Magic Ink back and returned it to the Wizard, you’ll gain access to the magic book in his tower that can be used to build several different structures, such as the crop-harvesting Junimo Hut or the Water Obelisk (as well as warps to other areas).

Obtain the Necessary Ingredients

Besides the jaw-dropping price tag of 500,000 gold, building a Water Obelisk requires three different ingredients to build, the majority of them related to where the Obelisk warps you (ie. the Beach). The beach-related items are relatively easy to obtain, though they must all be the same quality.

Iridium Bar x5: Iridium Bars are a staple in many late-game recipes and buildings, including Iridium Sprinklers, Slime Hutches, and Obelisks. The easiest way to obtain an Iridium Bar is to smelt five Iridium Ore and one Coal in a Furnace. Iridium Ore is most reliably found in Skull Cavern, but can also be found inside Magma and Omni Geodes.

For loot drops, Shadow People (such as Shadow Brutes and Shadow Shamans) have a small chance (0.2%) of dropping Iridium Bars, as do Purple Slimes (0.9%) and Iridium Bats (0.8%). Early game players may struggle to find Iridium easily, but having the Skull Cavern unlocked makes the process much easier.

Clam x10: Not considered by the game to be fish, Clams are nevertheless a useful resource in the game, as well as vital for making Chowder. Clams will wash up on the Beach, similar to Cockles and Mussels, and can be foraged for any season of the year.

Clams can also be obtained from Crab Pots placed in the Ocean, so it’s a good idea to line up a row of them to speed up the collection process. Any other sea creatures you get are just extra profit.

Coral x10: Coral can’t be found in Crab Pots like Clams can; they’re a Foraging-exclusive item. You’ll need to gain access to the east side of the Beach (where the Tide Pools are) by using 300 pieces of Wood to fix the plank bridge.

Coral has a spawn rate of 0.93 per day, meaning one can spawn almost every day. Interestingly, Coral is more likely to spawn faster between Summer 12-14, so make sure to check regularly.

Both Clams and Coral will add to your Foraging Experience when found on the ground. Clams found in Crab Pots will increase Fishing Experience instead.

Have 500,000 Gold To Spare

Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update lowered the price of the Water Obelisk from 1,000,000 gold to 500,000 gold, making it easier to obtain, though still a challenge. If you’re having trouble coming up with the funds, there are plenty of great farm set-ups for making money fast.

A reliable way to make money fast is by making Wine from Kegs, as many fruits available as seeds at Pierre’s or JojaMart make an excellent profit when turned into wine. Try to save as much wood and stone as possible, since they’re the two most common resources used in building new equipment and will be vital for refining goods and furthering your progress.

Before you go over to the Wizard’s, it’s good to make sure you have a 3×2 space clear on your farm; the Obelisk will be created instantly through the power of arcane magic. After that, you can use the book to move the Obelisk and any other structure on your farm, making it a more reliable redecorating tool than Robin’s Carpentry store menu.

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