Stardew Valley Legendary Fish Guide – When And Where To Catch Them

It’s hard to resist sinking dozens upon dozens of hours into Stardew Valley once you realize just how open the game really is. Sure you can treat it as a traditional farming simulator, but that would be ignoring all the other activities and professions you can take on in the game such as fighting mobs in the mine or romancing an NPC in town. You set your own pace in the game, and sometimes you just need to slow down, cast your rod out into the water, and fish. Of all the types of fish, some are much more rare and valuable than the others. These legendary fish only show up in very specific places, at very specific times. Here’s when and where you need to be to catch them.

Stardew Valley Legendary Fish Guide

Fishing is not only a nice and relaxing way to spend time in Stardew Valley, but can also rake in some good gold. If you’re looking to maximize your profits on fishing, you should consider going into the Fisher and Angler professions that unlock once you hit level five and ten respectively. A Fisher will give let you sell your catches for 25% more than the base value, while Angler’s get 50% more.

You will want to at least hit level six in fishing before going after these five legendary fish so that you can access the best fishing rod, but by the end you’ll have to get to level ten to have a chance at the final fish. The Iridium Rod costs a hefty 7,500 gold, but lets you use tackle and bait to make catching these rare fish much easier.

Stardew Valley How To Catch The Angler

The first legendary fish you should go after is the Angler. This one only shows up during the fall months, and is the easiest of the bunch to reel in. You only need to be level five and start fishing on the wooden bridge  at the Northern Lake.

Stardew Valley How To Catch The Mutant Carp

Before you can access the Mutant Carp’s domain, you need to get a key to the Pelican Town sewers from Gunther. He will give it to you as a reward for donating 60 items to his museum. Head down below and, despite your better judgement, cast into the green waters. This fish will show up in any season.

Stardew Valley How To Catch The Glacierfish

Surprise, surprise, the Glacierfish only comes out during the winter time. Make sure you’re level six by this point and go to the Southern tip of Arrowhead Island in the Cindersnap Forest. Make sure you hit the deep waters with your line to lure this fish in.

Stardew Valley How To Catch The Crimsonfish

The opposite of the Glacierfish, the Crimsonfish is only out and about during the summer months. Take a trip down to the beach and cast off the pier into the deep part of the water.

Stardew Valley How To Catch The Legend

Last up, and most difficult, is the Legend. You’ll have to be at level ten fishing or this beast of a fish won’t even show up. Once you’re ready, head to the mountain lake to the East of Robin’s shop and look for a sunken log in the water. You need to cast out as close to this as possible and wait for your chance.

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