Starfield Expected Early 2023, According To Xbox Game Pass

The eagerly awaited RPG from Bethesda looks like it has a launch window we can look forward to. Starfield is the ambitious triple-A action sci-fi title from the mind of Todd Howard, and it's a tentpole release for Game Pass on Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC. While it was originally scheduled to launch in November this year, it was delayed to ensure it would meet expectations.

While 2023 was the new date, we now have a good hint when to expect it for next year. According to a screenshot taken from Xbox Game Pass, we might not have to wait too long next year as it seems the launch window for Starfield could be "early 2023".

The information comes from a Subreddit where leaks and rumours are regularly shared, but since this is a screenshot that comes directly from Xbox it could have some meat to its bones. The original poster, 'ganndalf', takes up the story: "I've been lurking here a long time. Today, when I went to sign back up for Game Pass, I saw Starfield at the bottom and it immediately caught my eye", they wrote.

"I know they said first half of 2023, but I thought it was noteworthy that the Game Pass sign up page says early 2023 at the bottom of the screen".

A fuller description of what ganndalf caught on his Game Pass would be: "Starfield: expected early 2023". That expected is significant. By no means is this definitive, but at least we can expect it to be early 2023 rather than the the first half. This gives us January to March to expect the release of Starfield, instead of January to June at least.

Xbox Game Pass is known to regularly "leak" information such as this, but with modern triple-A game development being what it is perhaps we shouldn't pin all our hopes on this specific one. However, Xbox and Bethesda is due to have a big showcase this coming Sunday (June 12) where it's expected that we will be learning more about Starfield.

Stay tuned for that showcase (and another one will take place on June 14 as well). We at TheGamer will be covering both of these events in depth so come back for all the news about Xbox and Starfield.

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