Steam’s Autumn Game Festival Is On Now With Tons Of Free Demos

It’s autumn, which is not usually a season associated with great games, but Steam is aiming to change that. The Steam Autumn Game Festival is much like earlier festivals that are celebrating great upcoming games, only the banner has a distinctly fall aesthetic. You just wanna wear flannel, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and tell the leaves to get off your lawn so that you can try out this new demo you found.

The Autumn Game Festival will last from now until October 13th at 10 AM PST (that’s 1 PM EST). Up for grabs are literally “hundreds” of early access and up-and-coming games that will let you download a free demo to try ’em out. All games are going to release within the next six months, so these demos aren’t going to be alpha builds that are full of bugs and glitches, but more like late beta builds that should be indicative of what you’ll get on release day.

Games like The Falconeer, which comes out on November 10. We recently previewed this Panzer Dragoon-like-but-it’s-not-on-rails-and-also-birds game, and honestly, it looks pretty cool, although Cian seemed to get a little bit lost in the mechanics of aerial dogfighting on the back of a bird. Hopefully that gets tweaked before release day.

And also Subliminal, the thrilling puzzle game where everything is solved via optical illusions. Forcing your perspective on objects will cause them to grow or shrink depending on how you look at them, a unique mechanic that makes Subliminal stand out from other great puzzlers.

Hybrid Beasts, Space Mechanic Simulator, and Everspace 2 are all just a small taste of the many games that have a free demo downloadable for the weekend. If you’re not into actually playing the game yourself, you can always just watch the devs do it for you. Many developers are hosting live streams along with Q&A sessions and panels all weekend long. There are too many devs to list, but you can see them all by heading to Steam’s news hub.

Steam’s Autumn Games Festival ends October 13th.

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