Strategic Puzzler Blue Prince Announced For PC

The infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes was known for his ‘Murder Castle’, consisting of a labyrinth of rooms, hallways, and secret passageways used to disorientate his victims. Dogubomb’s recently announced puzzler Blue Prince does not hold the horror that Holmes’ castle did, but it certainly replicates its concept of a perplexing maze within a never-ending building.

Not to be confused with Darjeeling and Pixmain’s Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective – which at least gives you an overhead view of the complex stretch below – Blue Prince situates you within the expanding chaos of changing environments in first-person. Mt. Holly is home to an altering layout of rooms, spanning from the premise’s catacombs to the lofty attic, and you, the architect Simon, must pen the blueprints whilst also having a hand in its ongoing build. Dotted throughout your exploration of Mt. Holly will be specific clues to the previous owner’s past, adding to the overall mystery of Blue Prince.

From the outside, it doesn’t seem likely that Dogubomb has trickled any horror elements into gameplay, despite carrying an air of the aforementioned Murder Castle and even the haunted Winchester Mystery House. There is undoubtedly something unsettling about maze-like buildings, reminiscent of certain dreams we’ve all had where you feel trapped and overwhelmed. Blue Prince, instead, seems to encourage exploration and the unraveling of mystery, but our instincts know better than to trust the disappearing door and gameplay may be daunting for claustrophobic individuals.

Perhaps the premise of being lost within a structure that is essentially alive is the eerie part, but Blue Prince also presents stylish, bold graphics and the chance to exercise your strategic muscle. While we wait for its release on the satisfying, combination lock-styled date of “2.22.22”, puzzle game fans of a horror persuasion may be interested in finding out more about co-op adventure We Were Here Forever, which invites you to explore an abandoned castle.

On a completely different note to lighten the tone, this cute but particularly angry looking hamster has entered into a maze of its own. The Hamster Maze Adventure YouTube channel encourages the fluff ball to navigate a series of video game-themed mazes, and the latest course is Pokemon’s Kanto region.

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