Streamer Dream Accused Of Grooming Underage Girls

The popular content creator Dream was recently accused of grooming underage girls. The news immediately brought on a backlash from a large segment of his followers, causing “Dream is a freak” to briefly trend on Twitter. Dream is mostly known for streaming Minecraft content on YouTube, suddenly rising to a new level of notoriety last month after revealing his face for the first time.

The news broke when a user on Twitter made a series of serious allegations, claiming to have been groomed by the streamer at some point in 2020, a remark first spotted by Dot Esports. According to the user, Dream made several advances before inviting her over to his house. The user was apparently 17 years old at the time of the incident. The posts have since been deleted from the social media platform, but another user on TikTok who identified herself only as Amanda has now made very similar accusations, alleging that she was groomed by Dream on Instagram and Snapchat starting on September 23, 2020. Amanda said that she was then only 17.

“Here's my evidence,” Amada said on Twitter after posting several videos to TikTok about the matter. “ I was 17. He sent me a picture of his penis and a nut pic to me. He told me he has a chest full of sex toys. I didn’t save the messages on Snapchat because I wanted him to trust me because he was my favorite YouTuber sexting me which is exactly what groomers do.”

Amanda described her experiences in the videos on TikTok, noting that she was “a Dream stan and that’s why this happened.” The user went on to say that “I wanted him to trust me. I thought that I was genuinely building a bond with my favorite YouTuber and boy, was I wrong. That’s what grooming is, content creators making you feel important and taking stuff out of you because they know that you’re not going to do anything.”

“The only reason that I’m speaking up about this is because someone else did or else I would never be posting any of this,” Amanda remarked. The videos have been taken off TikTok for unknown reasons, but are currently making the rounds on Twitter.

Dream responded to the accusations earlier today, noting in a now deleted tweet that he was “waking up to people making up disgusting false accusations for the millionth time.” The streamer went on to say that he wanted to “enjoy my last couple days in Los Angeles and not let people try and ruin it. My heart goes out to actual victims who get questioned in their hardest moments because of stuff like this.” The content creator is currently on his way home from TwitchCon, held last weekend in San Diego, California.

“Fuck you if you abuse concern around horrible real issues out of spite,” Dream later added about the allegations. “Hopefully everyone’s day isn’t ruined.”

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