Street Fighter 5 adds Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira Kazama – plus one secret fighter

Capcom has released its new Street Fighter 5 roadmap, including Akria from Rival Schools, but one new character remains a mystery.

Five new characters are headed to Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition and while four of them are (relatively) familiar faces the fifth is unknown and possibly a new character.

The four additions are Dan Hibiki and Rose from Street Fighter Alpha, Oro from Street Fighter 3, and Akira Kazama from Rival Schools.

There aren’t specific dates for any of them, but Dan is due this winter, Rose next spring, and Oro and Akira sometime next summer. The mystery character will be released in the autumn of 2021 but there’s no clue as to who they might be.

It’s a good selection of characters, with Dan always being a fan favourite as he was created as a parody of two rival SNK characters and given the face of a young Steven Seagal. He’s always portrayed as incredibly weak, despite his cockiness, but can still be fun to play as.

Rose isn’t one of the series’ most famous characters, but she has a fairly unique playing style, while Oro hasn’t appeared as a playable fighter in any game since his debut.

Akira Kazama is from Capcom’s Rival Schools series, so this will be her first appearance in a Street Fighter game. It’s not unusual for Street Fighter to add characters from other Capcom games but Rival Schools is a pretty deep cut, so that’s good to see.

As you can see, each update also comes with a number of alternative costumes for each character, plus new stages for Rose and Akira – in addition to a new Capcom Pro Tour stage this year.

This is intended to be the final season of content for Street Fighter 5, which leads to natural speculation of whether the fifth character will be some kind of hint about the, presumably inevitable, Street Fighter 6.

Capcom has never mentioned a new game but with the new generation of consoles out this Christmas it would be surprising if they didn’t at least start hinting something soon.

There’s currently a free trial for Street Fighter 5 on PlayStation 4 and Steam, until 19 August, with access to all 40 currently playable characters.

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