The Boys Is Back – Season 3 Premiere Set For June 3

The Boys season 3 finally has a premiere date – June 3. Almost two years since the second season, the third will hit Amazon Prime Video early this summer, as the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic held up production.

This date comes from a season 3 teaser that was uploaded very quietly to the Amazon Prime Video YouTube channel. It doesn't give much away, but it's safe to say things are looking pretty tense after the events of the last season.

The Boys season 2 ended on a high, with the Nazi Stormfront getting very blown up and dying quite horrifically. This was a good development for pretty much every central character – apart from Homelander, because of course.

As we can see from the short teaser trailer, the superpowered-fascist isn't taking the death of his genocidally racist girlfriend particularly well, or the fact that he's being blackmailed by Maeve into being on his best behaviour. It looks like tension will come to a boiling point, because let's be honest, there's no way Homelander is capable of holding it together for more than one episode.

While we only get to see Starlight and Homelander, there's plenty more to explore with the other characters. We ended on the huge twist that anti-Vought Congresswoman Victoria Neuman is also a supe, and one that isn't opposed to using her powers to pretty awfully get rid of anyone in her way. Poor Hughie is now working in her office, so fingers crossed his head stays intact for another season. We've had enough human explosions for a lifetime, I think.

The Boys is available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, having premiered on the streaming service back in 2019. It's been a critical and commercial hit since then and, being the platform's biggest hit so far, a spin-off is also on the way, taking place in a superhero college. This was greenlit back in 2020, so it's likely that the pandemic has delayed this too. There's also an animated tie-in on the way, announced last month.

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