The Monster Hunter Movie Synopsis Sure Makes It Sound Rubbish

New details have emerged about the upcoming Monster Hunter movie and the story is sounding worse with each new update.

Capcom made a lot of money with the Resident Evil film series, but that’s a franchise that is tailor-made for movies. Resident Evil is all about regular people fighting for survival against zombies in a contemporary setting, which is an easy thing to replicate in live-action – even if the movies did get more ridiculous as they went on. The Monster Hunter franchise is asking for a lot more, as it involves groups of warriors fighting giant monsters in a fantasy setting. It has been revealed that Monster Hunter will start off in the real world before a magic portal sends a group of soldiers into the fantasy world from the games.

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The Monster Hunter movie was originally slated to be released this month, but it was delayed to April 2021. A new synopsis of Monster Hunter has been revealed online and it addresses a question fans have had since the plot of the movie was announced. According to Gaijinhunter on Twitter, the Monster Hunter movie establishes that the monsters are immune to modern weaponry, but not to the arms from the games.

In the Monster Hunter games, the player can choose between a variety of different fantasy weapons, including longswords, giant hammers, and crossbows.

Making the monsters immune to bullets is just a way to ensure that the main cast will start using the weapons from the games, though it makes you wonder why they would introduce guns into the equation in the first place. The idea of a group of regular people entering the Monster Hunter world makes sense from a financial standpoint, as part of the movie can be set in the real world, but the writers didn’t have to send a group of heavily armed soldiers in, only to explain that assault rifles don’t work, but a sword & shield combo does.

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Monster Hunter will be released on April 23, 2021.

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