The Outlast Trials Announces Closed Beta On October 28

The Outlast Trials has announced a closed beta for October 28 and Red Barrels has just unveiled a brand-new trailer at Gamescom 2022 featuring baby dolls, people with bear traps on their heads, and nuns on wheels.

This is the third main Outlast game and the first in five years, and it's a shift for the series – it boasts multiplayer, letting you rope friends in to help you fend off Murkoff and his dubious science experiments. The kind where you end up with those pesky bear traps on your head, shoved into metal cages with electricity surging through. Safe to say they're breaking their Hippocratic oath.

It's set to the backdrop of the Cold War, embracing the darker side of undercover government ops, drawing from the likes of Saw to create an uneasy gore-fest torture horror. If that sounds up your ally, it's unknown when it'll finally launch, but you can dip your toes into the water with the closed beta later this year.

The Outlast Trials news has been trickling out for three years now, so it's safe to say fans have been patiently waiting, but now we can finally expect to get our hands on it: "Our team is hard at work at creating a new experience that will bring fear and anxiety to millions of players, whether they go through the experiments alone or with friends," Red Barrels co-founder David Chateauneuf said. "Now we've done our proof of concept, it is time to focus on content creation, variety… and gore."

This is the oldest Outlast in turns of setting, meaning that it's not directly tied to any of the previous games, giving it breathing room to tell its own story and expand the world in a brand-new way. Outlast was incredibly well-received while 2 launched to mixed reviews, so Trials may very well pull the series back into the limelight. At the very least, it looks like some fun co-op Saw action.

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