The Quarry: How To Ensure Everyone Survives

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There are many ways for each character in The Quarry to meet their end. Chances are at least one of the nine main characters will bite the dust during your first playthrough. There are nearly two hundred different ways a single run can play out, which gives everyone plenty of opportunities for fatal mistakes.

Keeping all nine counselors alive until the end of the game earns the Rough Night Achievement / Trophy. Only these nine characters need to survive. Other characters' deaths will not block the accolade, and are in some cases necessary for the protagonists' survival.

This guide contains major spoilers for The Quarry. It's recommended you complete a playthrough on your own before referring to this guide.

This guide assumes you're trying to keep all characters alive in a single playthrough. Every character death may have repercussions that result in other casualties. As such, this guide does not account for situations that may arise due to a character's death in an earlier chapter.


Abigail only has a few potential deaths compared to the others, but they're particularly gruesome. Keeping her alive largely comes down to two key moments.

Nick's Transformation – Chapter Six

When Abigail and Nick are talking in the pool house, his werewolf bite takes effect and he starts to transform. When he throws Abigail across the room, she picks up a shotgun. Abigail must shoot Nick, or he will tear her head off when he transforms.

Nick's regenerative powers mean he will survive the shotgun blast, but he will flee instead of attacking if Abigail shoots him.

Emma And The Hunters – Chapter Six

Shortly after Nick becomes a werewolf, Emma happens upon the hunters capturing him in the woods. Don't draw undue attention to yourself and make sure to succeed at any quick-time events that occur here.

If Emma is bitten by Nick, she will have transformed by the time Kaitlyn and the others find her in the van in Chapter Eight. In this situation, she'll leap out of the car and kill Abigail before running off into the woods.


Dylan is smart but not particularly brave, and that actually keeps him alive in most situations. He sticks to other characters – namely Ryan and Kaitlyn – and as long as his partner is alive he should be fine. However, there are a couple of important points in his story that you'll need to address if you want him to walk away (mostly) intact.

Amputation – Chapter Five

When Dylan is bitten by a werewolf in the radio hut, he asks Ryan to cut off his hand to prevent the infection from spreading. The nearby chainsaw is the best way to do it, and cutting off Dylan's hand will save his life and others.

Scrapyard Battle – Chapter Nine

When Dylan and Kaitlyn go to the scrapyard to look for parts to fix the van, Dylan operates a crane to retrieve a vehicle for Kaitlyn to search. From his vantage point, he notices a werewolf is heading toward them. Warn Kaitlyn of the impending attack, and she'll hide in the car.

When the werewolf grabs onto the car, use the crane to swing it around in an attempt to knock the beast off. Kaitlyn will fall to the ground but will be saved by landing on a pile of tires.

Do not sound the horn here – doing so will alert the werewolf to Dylan's presence, and it will climb into the crane and attack him.

Rapidly press the Interact button to force the stuck lever and succeed and any quick-time events that appear. Dylan will drop the car on the werewolf, saving Kaitlyn's life.


Emma has a close encounter with a werewolf during her exploration of the island in Chapter Four. All it takes is one mistake for her to die, so if you have Death Rewind enabled be ready to use it here.

Werewolf Attack – Chapter Four

When Emma enters the treehouse, search the bags before opening the trapdoor. Failing to do so will leave Emma unarmed for the werewolf attack and cause her to die instantly.

Start by using the taser to stun the werewolf, then take a picture of it to get a piece of Evidence.

Be sure not to miss any of the ensuing quick-time events. The taser affords Emma one miss, but a second slip-up will result in her death.

When the werewolf corners Emma on the bridge, use the bear spray to escape.

Zipline – Chapter Four

After Emma escapes to the roof of the treehouse, the game will check in on the other characters before returning to her perspective. She'll attempt to use the zipline to return to the mainland.

Reel the zipline in slowly and don't speed up, even as the werewolf approaches. Doing so will allow Emma to narrowly escape without further complications.

If you reel the zipline in quickly, it will get the werewolf's attention, giving her less time. Emma will have to jump to the zipline, and if you fail the accompanying quick-time event she will fall to her death.


There are many ways for Jacob to die in The Quarry. He's impulsive, stubborn, and not too bright, making it easy for him to take a flying leap off this mortal coil. Be on the lookout for the following moments to keep him alive.

Diving – Chapter Three

If Jacob stole the rotor arm from the van in Chapter One, he loses it in the lake in Chapter Three. If you decide to dive in after it and succeed at the quick-time event, you'll get a piece of Evidence but risk drowning.

When Jacob gets his hand caught in the chain securing Ed's corpse to the lake floor, choose to detangle it carefully rather than pull away. Selecting the pull option only gets Jacob stuck more, resulting in his death by drowning.

Snare Trap – Chapter Four

When Jacob gets caught in a snare trap, Bobby arrives to cut him down. Despite the hunter's menacing appearance, it's best for Jacob not to try and escape at this point.

Bobby smears werewolf blood on Jacob's face, making it easier for him to survive a werewolf attack later.

Something's Out There – Chapter Four

After his first encounter with the hunters, Ryan and the others return to the fire pit to discuss what to do. When Ryan hears something in the woods he aims his gun.

Don't shoot at any point during this sequence – otherwise you risk hitting and killing Jacob as he emerges from the brush.

Forest Chase – Chapter Six

Shortly after Jacob is reunited with Emma, their conversation is cut short by a werewolf attack. Hit all the quick-time events that occur, and when given the choice to run or hide, hide.

Hold your breath until the werewolf passes – if you fail, the blood on Jacob's face from the earlier meeting with Bobby might save him.

After escaping the werewolf, Jacob will get his leg caught in a bear trap. Like the diving sequence earlier, patience is important – pry open the bear trap rather than trying to yank Jacob's leg free. Doing the latter will cause Jacob to fall headfirst into another trap, ending his life in particularly messy fashion.

Electrified Cages – Chapter Eight

When you find Jacob in the Hackett family's cages later in the game, you'll have one opportunity to free him. Agree to help Jacob then solve the circuit breaker puzzle to send him back to the lodge.

Use our guide to unlock Jacob's cage if the puzzle's solution eludes you.

If you fail to free Jacob, he'll be killed by werewolf Nick when Laura knocks out the building's power in Chapter Nine.


As long as Dylan saves her in the scrapyard, Kaitlyn is only in any real danger during her battle with Caleb at the end of the game.

Final Battle – Chapter Ten

Once you initiate the battle by choosing to Prepare For The Attack at the portrait of Septimus Hackett, you can't afford to make any mistakes. Missing any shots or failing any input challenges will result in Kaitlyn's death.

When Caleb first comes up the stairs toward you, wait for him to attack and shoot him as he charges.

Using the rafter beam or the window to evade Caleb are both viable options, as long as you don't miss any inputs. Afterward, keep running to meet up with Dylan.

When Abigail tries to get your attention from the office, the best thing to do is to go over to her and collect the silver shotgun shell she rolls under the door.

Shoot Caleb with the silver shell to kill him and end the fight.


Laura can potentially die many times in the game's final chapters, and her survival depends on her fraught relationship with Travis and her willingness to do what needs to be done.

Prison Escape – Chapter Seven

The first time you can move around in Laura's cell, inspect the brick behind the toilet then use the spoon on the windowsill to pry it loose. This will give you a hiding spot for later.

When Laura is exploring the police station during the full moon, go up the stairs to the second floor and enter the farthest door. In a locker on the right is a syringe full of sedatives. Hide the syringe behind the loose brick before going to sleep.

Later, when Laura and Max make their escape, succeed at the quick-time event to inject Travis with the Sedative. Escaping without shooting Travis will prevent him from trying to kill Laura later.

Constance And Jedediah – Chapter Nine

When Laura is caught by the Hacketts, be sure to win the struggle for the shotgun. Doing so will kill Constance – be ready for a quick-time event shortly after when Jedediah tries to shoot Laura while she makes a break for it.

While Laura is pursued by Jedediah, hide in the bathtub and hold your breath until he passes. When you run into him again later, succeed at all the quick-time events and press the attack when he's knocked down. Laura will kill Jedediah, removing another threat.

Werewolf Battle – Chapter Nine

When Ryan and Laura finally encounter Chris in his werewolf form, have Ryan shoot Chris to turn Laura back into a human before Travis stabs her with silver.

Hunting Silas – Chapter Ten

When Silas attacks the car, succeed at all the input challenges to keep everyone in the car alive. When given a choice grab the wheel while Travis is stunned to prevent the car from crashing.

The only way to make sure that both Ryan and Laura survive the final encounter is to shoot and kill Silas in his lair. If you don't, Silas will kill Ryan, Laura, or both depending on who has werewolf blood smeared on their face.


Max is only playable once, near the end of the game. If Chris has been killed with silver, Max will turn back into a human and find himself on the island where Laura left him.

Stay Put – Chapter Ten

At the end of Max's brief walk to the dock, you'll have the choice to stay on the island or swim to shore. Since werewolves are afraid of water, the island is the safest place for Max to wait out the rest of the night. If you swim to shore, Max will encounter Caleb and be killed immediately.


Despite being the first character to be attacked by a werewolf, Nick's fate comes down to a single moment after he's captured by the Hacketts in his monstrous form.

Hold Your Fire – Chapter Eight

When Ryan and Laura reach the electrified cages where Nick and Jacob are held, Laura will attempt to shoot Nick while Ryan and Jacob are talking. Ryan must interrupt her to save Nick's life.

As long as Jacob is released from his cage, Nick shouldn't cause any more damage for the rest of the night, even after he eventually escapes.


Once Ryan meets Laura in Chapter Seven, his fate becomes closely tied to hers. In most cases, Ryan and Laura keep each other alive.

Knives In (Chapter Nine)

After Bobby stabs Ryan, you have a choice to pull the knife out or leave it in. Pulling it out accelerates the bleeding, but makes it easier to evade Bobby in the subsequent scenes. For the purposes of keeping all nine main characters alive, that's the better option.

After Laura chases Bobby off, she'll offer to bite Ryan, turning him into a werewolf to give him regenerative abilities and save his life. Ryan must accept if he is to survive.

Shoot To Kill (Chapter Nine)

When Ryan encounters werewolf Chris, you'll need to shoot the monster without hesitation. Failing to kill Chris with a silver shotgun shell will result in Ryan's brutal death.

Hunting Silas (Chapter Ten)

Follow the same instructions for keeping Laura alive in the final sequence, and Ryan should escape unscathed as well. This means avoiding a crash, succeeding at all input challenges, and killing Silas without hesitation.

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