The Roadmap For Marvel’s Avengers Has Been Cancelled, And Fans Aren’t Happy

Marvel's Avengers players have had some bittersweet news over the past few days. While it was exciting to hear that Jane Foster's Thor is coming to the game, finally aligning with MCU film releases, it came with some disappointing news. The previously scheduled roadmap has been scrapped by the devs, meaning that long-awaited events and characters are likely to be pushed back even further.

Since the news broke, fans have been hitting back, unhappy that they have to wait even longer for a totally new character. With Jane Foster only being a mirror version of Thor, it means that players may have to wait a full year since the release of the last hero, Black Panther.

Crystal Dynamics had initially indicated that there would be a full roadmap for 2022, something it has now walked back on. This was confirmed earlier this week (thanks, Forbes), with a developer stating that fans will now have to "reset" expectations for the next few months.

Unsurprisingly, this has not gone down well with the community.

"Reset expectations?", writes Reddit user RMectrex. "How much more resetting do we need to do. This is the Avengers, not some indie game."

"Crazy how badly they messed this up. Massive IP and putting out games when the movies and shows are extremely popular. Could’ve been so much more", replies Embarrassed_Pop1927.

Many in the thread seem to be done with the game now, tired of waiting. One such player, shabooya_roll_call, writes: "Can I [get] my money back or something? It’s pretty unfair that I paid $60 at release." Others agree, with whistlepoo replying "[I] feel the same way. Feel like we've been waiting years just for it to become a full game."

It remains to be seen if Crystal Dynamics instead opts for a short term release schedule. However, with the Jane Foster launch date still not announced, this isn't looking particularly likely.

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