The Shadow Warrior Series Sees Huge Cuts With Latest Steam Sale

Shadow Warrior 3 is set to launch at some point this year on PC and, in celebration, it’s joined in on the Devolver Digital publisher sale at 84% off on Steam. That’s the collection, by the way, which includes Classic Redux, the first game, and the second, for only £11.58.

Normally, it’s £71.97, so that’s a significant price cut, to say the least. The latest of these eccentric gore-fest FPS games came out in 2016, so it’s been around five years since we last dipped into this series.

The third is underway, and it’s all about Lo Wang chasing down the ancient dragon he unleashed. Of course, there are hurdles along that way that leads to many submachine-gun and Kitana-clad set pieces with limbs being separated and bodies being riddled.

2013’s Shadow Warrior was what Doom (2016) was to the original 90s FPS. It was a reboot that tried to capitalize on the mindless action of the FPS genre that spawned it, but it kept in-tact its controversial and offensive humor with a white man voicing the very stereotypically depicted Asian protagonist, not unlike Takeo in Call of Duty Zombies or The Simpson’s Apu.

Three years later and the sequel came out to a fairly decent response from both critics and audiences with a 78 on Metacritic and an 8.0 user score. With the third underway, now might be the time to give them a try, or you can peruse Devolver Digital’s library to your own pleasure – a lot is on sale, from Loop Hero to the entire Serious Sam collection. The sky’s the limit.

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