The TASM 2 Suit Looks Beautiful In This Spider-Man Remastered Mod

One of Spider-Man's most requested suits is the TASM 2 one, but it never made its way to Insomniac's sandbox. Instead, we got the first TASM suit, but 2's is distinctly brighter with big white eyes, drawing more from its comic roots. And now, you can don it in-game with Halzoid98's mod.

Aptly titled The TASM 2 Suit, it swaps out the Future Foundation suit and even features "handcrafted details in attempts to make [it] as screen accurate as possible down to micro details." With it downloaded, you'll be able to swap between Homecoming, Far From Home, No Way Home, Tobey Maguire, and TASM suits, completing the set. All you need now is Symbiote Maguire.

TASM 2 might not be the most popular Spidey movie, but if the suit demand is anything to go by, people love how the wallcrawler looked in director Marc Webb's second outing. The colours are more vibrant and pop with Insomniac's world, though you can bring back the feel of those gloomier nighttime posters when swinging about during late hours, hunting down Mr Negative and his goons.

If you want the game to feel even more like TASM 2, mods don't stop at visuals. TASM 2 Theme Over The Opening Cinematic is another that does what it says on the tin – right at the start when Peter gets the call to go take down Kingpin once and for all, the music is swapped out with TASM 2's theme, synced "perfectly with the opening cinematic…

"This one was [definitely] more challenging to get to sync due to a lot of subtle editing needed to be made. The track is slightly shorter than the in-game track by about ten seconds mainly because I couldn't find a good way to end the track without abruptly cutting it off due to the script but it still sounds great [in my opinion]."

Now, all we need is for someone to mod Andrew Garfield's face over Peter Parker's and voila, we'll finally have a (sort-of) The Amazing Spider-Man 3. That's why Gwen's absent!

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