The Witcher 3 Mod Captures "Every Detail" Of Henry Cavill’s Face

The new Witcher 3 mod brings the most accurate and realistic Henry Cavill's appearance from Netflix's TV show to satisfy even the most demanding fans out there. Modders even used FaceScan tech to ensure the best possible results for the PC-version with the latest updates.

Due to the big popularity of Henry Cavill, mods that brought his appearance as Geralt to CDPR's role-playing game started to roll well before The Witcher series itself debuted on Netflix. However, those projects were always lacking in some detail, mostly failing to achieve the desired likeness we all had hoped for. Well, until now, as this new 'Netflix Henry Cavill V6' mod by Draiamond has finally struck a proper balance.

To begin with, it took three modders (Draiamond, kira5z, and rdantas71) to recreate Cavill's face in the game as close to the original as possible. According to the description, this mod takes into account "every detail of Henry Cavill, analyzing numerous photos and even using FaceScan." Perhaps, that's the much-needed secret behind this immaculate likeness.

The modders said, "there was a lot of work, there was a lot of effort" — and it really shows. Browsing through the screenshots available on the project's page, it's hard to believe this was not an official collaboration with the actor being scanned by the Witcher 3 devs. For an even better outcome, the creators recommend pairing it with 'Grim Lighting Revived' by Banjomi, which aims to recreate the overall lighting aesthetic seen in E3 trailers of Wild Hunt.

With the latest updates by CD Projekt Red that have already brought to the game Geralt's swords and two different armor sets from the Netflix series, it's now as easy as ever to relive your adventure as Henry Cavill's version of the iconic character. And considering the third season of The Witcher will be the final one for the actor, it's probably the best way to also bid farewell to him, leaving Geralt to spend the rest of his days at Corvo Bianco vineyards in sunny Toussaint.

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