The Witcher 4 Finds A Director In 3’s Lead Animator

CD Projekt Red revealed last month that it is working on a lot of new Witcher content. A new trilogy, among other things, and that trilogy appears to have found its director. Someone very familiar with what has come before having worked as the lead animator on The Witcher 3.

That animator is Sebastian Kalemba. Kalemba tweeted (thanks, GamesRadar) that he will direct the next Witcher game, and presumably the entire announced trilogy. “I’m directing the new Witcher Saga … I believe nothing is impossible and raising the bar, telling emotional stories & creating worlds is what we’re here for.”

Kalemba has been an integral cog in the CDPR machine, joining the studio in 2014 to assume the aforementioned role on The Witcher 3, and then Cyberpunk 2077 after that. The director then moved on up as animation director for the latest Witcher game's Blood & Wine DLC and has been promoted yet again for the series' exciting next chapter, or the next few chapters. Suffice to say, few people know the inner workings of CDPR's Witcher games better than he does.

CDPR dropped a number of bombs last month when it revealed it wasn't just working on a new Witcher game, but a whole new trilogy. Not only that, but it also announced a Witcher game separate from the trilogy, currently codenamed Project Sirius. Add confirmation that Cyberpunk will be getting a sequel and yeah, it was about as big an announcement as fans of CDPR titles could have hoped for.

The announcement was so big that there wasn't room to reveal CDPR's Witcher remake. A rebuilt version of the very first game using Unreal Engine 5. All of that plus the current-gen upgrade of The Witcher 3 to look forward to. The upgrade is still expected to be here before the end of 2022, but CDPR is yet to confirm a release date.

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