There Used To Be A Halloween Pumpkin Patch In No Man’s Sky Until Origins Killed It

No Man’s Sky: Origins recently dropped and brought a ton of new content to the galactic exploration game. Along with millions of “untouched” planets, Origins add new terrain, new fauna, weather like tornadoes and lightning storms, giant construction projects, terrifying volcanoes, and more.

But what Origins giveth, it also taketh away. A certain planet that used to be a Halloween tourist spot thanks to its distinctive pumpkin-like gourds has since had to remarket itself as the Origins update caused its Hubpumpkins to go extinct.

Galactic Geographic tells the story of the “Euclidian Hallows” in pictures over on their Twitter account. A player-created base actually sold the Hubpumpkin gourd flora that used to flourish there to weary space travelers that were looking for something to add to their autumn-themed recipes (we’re hoping it was mostly pie). Unfortunately, a combination of factors led to the Hubpumpkin going extinct: namely, the influx of an invasive species of tendril-like flora and (according to the No Man’s Sky Wiki) the appearance of “bioluminescent, Living Ship-like minerals” which were added in a previous update.

On the plus side, those bioluminescent vines and weird flaming minerals have given the place a distinctly Halloween vibe. You can see the before and after pictures from Galactic Geographic below, and it’s definitely keeping with the spirit of the spooky season.

Which is precisely why players have designated Euclidian Hallows a historical site. Travelers from across the stars congregate on the former pumpkin patch every year to celebrate Halloween, an especially important time for No Man’s Sky fans. The Galactic Hub, the oldest and largest active civilization in No Man’s Sky, was founded on October 30th, and members typically engage in multiple celebrations around this time of year to mark both the founding of the Galactic Hub and also the pagan holiday.

So if you’re bumping around the Euclid galaxy on October 30-31, check by the Euclidian Hallows for a real piece of No Man’s Sky history and a Halloween attraction unlike any other.

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