There’s A Nintendo Direct Mini For Third-Party Developers Tomorrow

Nintendo has announced that it will hold a mini direct tomorrow featuring news from its partners and third-party developers.

Nintendo operates a little differently from its competitors. That’s largely due to the fact it creates and owns more of its games than other console creators. However, as much as it can seem as if Nintendo doesn’t play well with others, it does have partners and works with third-party developers on a lot of projects.

In fact, it will be revealing news that relates to exactly that on September 17, 2020. It was revealed via Nintendo of Europe’s Twitter account that it will be holding a Mini Direct tomorrow that will focus on news from its partners. The Mini Direct will begin at 7 am ET and anyone who wants to watch it can do so live on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

Thus begins speculation on what might be revealed during the Mini Direct. It has been a mixed bag when it comes to this kind of thing so far in 2020. Pokémon’s first Presents event and the Mario Direct which took us by surprise earlier this month were jam-packed with the sort of news Nintendo fans had been waiting for. However, the Pokémon Presents that came a week later was very underwhelming.

A large chunk of Switch owners will be hoping that the rumors of a Monster Hunter game coming to the console will be true. If so, it will be the first in the series to arrive on the console. The last time Nintendo owners were given the chance to play a Monster Hunter title was on 3DS. There’s also a chance a release date for Doom Eternal is also announced, having now been available on other platforms since March of this year. Or perhaps even an announcement relating to the rumored Borderlands 3 port.

There’s also a tiny chance that Mediatonic is one of the partners being referenced, and Nintendo reveals when Fall Guys will come to the Switch. That might be wishful thinking on our part, though. An announcement as big as that also deserves something bigger than a Mini Direct announced with a day’s notice. Nintendo’s third-party Mini Direct will air live on its Twitch and YouTube channels at 7 am EST on Thursday, September 17, 2020.

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