These Scaled Diagrams Reveal How Much Space You’ll Need For The PS5 And Xbox Series X/S

Someone has mocked up how next-gen consoles will look alongside other systems and various TVs, confirming that they are as big, if not bigger than we imagined.

The hype train for the next generation of console is officially at full speed right now. Almost everything there is to be revealed about the PS5 and Xbox Series X has been revealed. Gamers now know how much the consoles will cost, what titles will be available on each one at launch, and when exactly the consoles will be released.

The dimensions of each of the consoles have also been revealed. It looks like they will be pretty big, however, with numbers alone, it’s hard to picture exactly how big they are. Keisawada on Twitter has helped out with that. They have mocked up multiple diagrams showing what the next-gen consoles might look like in a home setup.

As you can see, the consoles are as big, if not significantly bigger than you might have imagined. Anyone who has a Nintendo Switch and plans on adding a PS5 to their console collection might want to move it out of the way. If that weighty PlayStation were to fall on your poor little Switch then it might well flatten it. Or if you have a very large flat are at your disposal then the PS5 can go on its side.

Perhaps the most surprising image of all are the ones that include the Series S. The smaller, less powerful alternative to the Series X appears to be almost as big as a PS4. As for the Series X, it isn’t quite as big as the PS5, but it’s still pretty chunky. None of the images show it on its side either, which might mean it needs to be upright, or probably should be.

It might sound silly, but gamers on the fence about which console to get could be swayed by something as minor as how big or small a console is. The PS5 is huge, so someone who would have to do someone with limited space for that sort of thing might opt for a Series X instead. The diagrams don’t show how much smaller the digital edition of the PS5 is compared to a regular one, but chances are taking away the disc drive isn’t going to make that big a difference.

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