Things We Wish We Knew Before Starting Fury Unleashed

If you’re a gamer that loves roguelike games, then it’s likely that you'll want to give Fury Unleashed a try at some point. The game is a fast-paced and combo-oriented adventure that sees you fighting your way through the pages of various comic books in order to properly confront your creator.

The game lets you make your way through its tricky levels on your own or with the help of a friend. Regardless of how you choose to play, everyone will find themselves trying to get their hands on the best weaponry, all while becoming as powerful as possible. It may take more than a few tries to make it to the end, but these tips will help you on the way.

10 The Ink Master Is Your Best Friend

Fury Unleashed can be an incredibly tricky game for anyone who may not have been exposed to roguelike games all that often. One of the best ways to make the game easier is to get your hands on a weapon that works well with your play style.

You will be able to find sketches throughout the various playthroughs of Fury Unleashed. You can then take those sketches to one of the level's Ink Masters in order to unlock various weapons to help you make your way through the game.

9 Your Goal Should Be The Exit

While the exploration of the various comic worlds is important, that exploration can also lead to an untimely death. One of the best ways to learn about what the game has to offer is to focus on learning the basics while being exposed to as much of the game as possible.

You’re going to end up dying multiple times while you make your way through Fury Unleashed, so learning what enemies you can come across early on can help you learn their patterns and attacks much faster.

8 Use Different Weapons For Different Situations

While it can be easy to fall back on your favorite weapons, not all weapons are created equally for each and every situation. The game features plenty of unique rooms, hazards, and enemies that may be better dealt with by utilizing a different weapon.

There may be instances in which you find that a shotgun works wonders, while in other instances in which you’re more interested in solving your problems with a rocket launcher. Whatever weapon you prefer, there are plenty of options.

7 Take Risks Only When Comfortable

Everyone knows that most roguelikes reward players that are willing to take some serious risks. Many people will take big risks a bit too early in their time with the game and end up taking a death far sooner than they likely would have.

The best time to take big risks is when you’re both confident that you can avoid the potentially negative outcomes and if for some reason you can't, the negative outcome won’t affect you too badly. With that said, risks can definitely lead to some great rewards.

6 Focus On The Centre Of The Skill Tree First

The game features a well fleshed-out skill tree that can be reworked pretty much whenever you want. If you are focused on staying alive, your best bet is to put points into the center of the tree early into your time with Fury Unleashed.

Being able to stay alive when the going gets tough is important, especially if you’re new to a game like this. It’s challenging, and it can often feel like you don’t have enough health to carry on, so put those points into the center.

5 You Don’t Need To Fight Everything

You may make the mistake of trying to take on every single enemy you come across in Fury Unleashed, but that could potentially be a huge mistake. There’s no shame in avoiding enemies that give you more trouble in order to find easier rooms to deal with.

A bad room set-up filled with some tough enemies can cause problems for any player. If you’re low on health and looking to avoid a potential death, the coward's way is actually the best way, so run away!

4 If You Want To Grind, Put Points Into The Left Of The Skill Tree

Most roguelikes come with some form of grinding. Fury Unleashed sees you grinding for ink, and the best way to go about that is to make sure that plenty of points have been put into the left side of the skill tree.

Whether you feel like you need to grind or not, there’s no shame in speeding up the collection of ink from enemies. Being able to turn yourself into a walking ink collector is only going to help you make your way through the game that much faster.

3 Your Focus Should Be On Dodging

While every player wants to deal as much damage as possible and destroy as many enemies as possible in order to get their combo up, that can be a surefire way to take plenty of damage. The focus should be on avoiding damage, especially early on in your time with the game.

Focusing on dodging the enemy's projectiles will help you learn the way they behave and attack. Being able to predict what your enemy will do will help keep you healthier for longer in later runs. When you’re looking to make your way through the game in one sitting, knowing the enemies is vital.

2 The Combo System Might Be The Most Important Game Mechanic

There are a lot of potential upsides of getting the highest possible combo in Fury Unleashed. There are also some obvious bonuses that come with getting high combos. You can get some additional experience which can be absolutely vital for getting through the game.

One of the lesser talked about, but still incredibly important bonuses that can come from the combo system is the promise of free hits. All you have to do is kill a few enemies without taking damage and you can stack additional free hits.

1 Switch The Game’s Difficulty

Everyone knows that roguelikes are difficult games on purpose. Fans of the genre enjoy having to try, try, and try again when it comes to making their way through a game like Fury Unleashed. The game is actually a lot harder than it may initially appear.

Enemies can chew through your health bar in a matter of seconds if you find yourself ill-prepared for a tough room. There’s never any shame in putting the difficulty down a few notches, especially when you’re starting out with the game.

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