This Elden Ring Player Is Rocking Bosses To Death With A Guitar

Elden Ring players continue to refuse to let a lack of news regarding whether the game will be getting DLC or not ruin their good time. Largely by playing the game using just about everything they can get their hands on. That now includes a guitar being used as a controller in a room that changes color depending on what's going on in The Lands Between.

The latest incredible feat achieved using a non-controller controller in Elden Ring comes courtesy of Luality, a streamer those of you will be familiar with if you're into this sort of thing. Luality previously used a dance mat to battle Malenia. Sticking with the musical theme, the streamer has traded her dance mat for a guitar and used the instrument to slay Godrick.

In something akin to the music video for Tenacious D's Tribute – but let's be honest, far more badass – Luality rocks out as the notes she plays dictate what her Elden Ring persona does on the screen. As if that wasn't enough, the lights you can see flashing around her also reflect what's happening during her battle with Godrick. Pink when she attacks, blue when she dodges, and green while she's healing.

If you want to see Luality's Elden Ring guitar run in full and keep up to date with whatever she's up to, you can check her out on Twitch. The streamer slaying Godrick with a guitar now ranks right up there with some of the other unconventional items players have used to play the game. A controller made entirely of bananas, and in one case someone beat the Godskin Duo with their own bare hands. Please FromSoftware, give these people something new to do in The Lands Between.

Using guitars to slay monsters is very in right now. Metal: Hellsinger has been a big hit, a rhythm game that tasks players with obliterating demons to the beat. Its developer has even created modding tools that let you add any songs you like, which means you can technically march through hell while listening to Britney Spears.

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